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RE: BlockTrades update on Hive development work

in HiveDevs2 years ago

Finishing up current hivemind work should be done in less than a month, in fact hopefully within a week or so. There will still be work done afterwards, though, as we'll schedule future work for it too.

For the analysis, it's hard to say for sure, since we'll be looking not only at SMT code, but also at potentially competing methods of achieving similar features. My guess is it will take a couple of weeks for the analysis.


This sounds excellent. Regarding the alternative methods like Hive-Engine they are far less attractive as having an incorporated asset-exchange within Hive like with SMTs. The Hive-Token would become a gateway to 1000s of website-projects, creating a good deal of demand. Years into Steem-engine I still see it as a graveyard.
SMTs as they were planned and on a Testnet (supposedly) last year already, would have much less overhead for developers... hell, even I had a project in mind using SMTs for years now. If SMTs do not come to fruition I definitely will need to look around for other blockchain-solutions with higher traffic and name recognition.

Thanks for all the development work you are doing for this chain and I hope to hear soon about a positive decision regarding SMTs.