Some screenshots from new HAF-based block explorer

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As promised in my normal development update post, below are some early screenshots from the HAF-based block explorer we're creating. It is open-source, so anyone is welcome to use and modify it to their own needs.

As you will be able to tell from the screenshots, it is not yet finished, but it is functional (these are screenshots of an actual working prototype) and they should give you an idea of some of the available functionality.

The source code is located here:

This is the front page (transactions are missing there right now, probably some recent change broke that):


The next two images show what an "account" page looks like (it's kind of long right now so it requires scrolling to see everything on that page):



Here's an "expanded view" of an operation displaying it in "json" view and "detail" view:


These are some of the options for filtering account operations:
The first dropdown control allows selecting which operations to filter on, the 2nd allows showing or not showing virtual operations, and you can filter over a range of time. All filters can be applied together.

This is the "witness" page, it's also undergoing a lot of work presently:

The "block" and "transaction" views are broken on the instance that these screenshots were taken from (the devs are actively working on this system), so I'll save those for a later post.


Stupid question what does HAF means? And why is this important?

HAF stands for Hive Application Framework. It's the new framework software we've developed to make it easier to create high-performance Hive-based apps.

The block explorer is being created for several reasons: 1) as a further way of testing HAF itself to look for any improvements we should make, 2) to provide a relatively light weight block explorer for API node operators (the major cost is the storage for the HAF database itself and they will already be paying that cost), and 3) to provide an open-source block explorer that is easily extensible for 2nd layer apps (2nd layer apps will likely want unique block explorer features specific to their functionality).

This is certainly good for developers, but from the average end-user perspective, will this be more useful, more informative, or simply better in any aspect than Hiveblocks?

Of course I am talking about only the block explorer itself. Applications built on HAF probably will be better, because it is designed for high-performance Hive-based applications.

Hiveblocks is a bit legacy. The developer isn't really involved with hive any more and it generates no revenue so I'd be concerned about it going away. I have no specific information on this however.

It's also closed source so app developers can't extend it.

simply better in any aspect than Hiveblocks?

more search queries possible... things like that

So it is somewhat more detailed, and it will be easier to look for blockchain transactions in general. Good to know. Thank you.

Little today produces more economic value than code, and I am exceedingly grateful that it's nature enables the efforts of one man, or a small team, to bless humanity as a whole. More, I am personally grateful to you and your team, who directly bless me and all who read these words on Hive, with your work.

So much that omens portend is in the offing for the coming paradise our posterity will enjoy is code, or will be possible because of code. I am at times overcome with emotion at the prospect my sons and their peers will face because of work you and folks like you do.

I just wanted to thank you for leaving the world better than you find it.


Little today produces more economic value than code

I wholeheartedly agree with this idea: it's why I changed career paths in high school and decided to go into computers (originally I was thinking physics), because it was amazing to me the potential that computers had for changing society: not just because they allowed new things to be done, but also just because software allowed for a new distribution model where "cost-of-goods" was no longer much of an issue. If you make a useful piece of software, it's nearly free to give it to others.

I just wanted to thank you for leaving the world better than you find it.

And thanks for your kind words. Although the world can be dark at times, I'm still convinced that if we keep focused on making things better, those efforts will pay off in the end.

The block explorer developed by peakd looks nicer in the design. I would copy/paste their design once they release the code. They will supposedly release the open source code in a week.

less than a week for release of repository (maybe just a couple days) though it was just started so lots of advancements pretty quickly.

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Awesome project! It looks good so far. When will it be available for everyone?

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It's available now for anyone who wants to work on it. I guess we'll be finished all our immediate plans for it in a few weeks.

not a fan of the colors but i love the fact we will be able to filter!!!

The colors/fonts/etc are all customizable, those are just CSS style settings. I explicitly asked our dev to focus on features and performance rather than appearance right now: appearance is easy to improve later.

I figure as much, but please when time comes, make sure there isn't any red against the dark background cause MY EYES! lol

I hope the colors will be adjusted as right now it looks terrible :)

I'm with you on that.

Ah now it’s the small things like this that we can all appreciate! Thanks for this!

Next up: hive internal market :D


Anything in the pipe for cheaper wallets or more cost-efficient onboarding?

I haven't really had time to focus on onboarding, so I've left that to other groups who already had plans in that direction to work on it. But I'll probably review the state of the whole ecosystem, including onboarding, after we finish the next big task we're already slated to work on (the smart contract processing system to be built on top of HAF).

Sounds awesome!

But I'll probably review the state of the whole ecosystem, including onboarding, after we finish the next big task

Feel free to hit me up if this task is in the line, i have some ideas too that are not that bad IMO :)

Great work!
I'm impressed that the witness page is able to anticipate when witnesses will update their price feed ;)

Yes, I've not bothered with a full "English" review yet (I did get the spelling of witness corrected a few places).

Good work & I hope it has the feature of filters.

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It is always wonderful to see the progress being made. This is going to be a powerful addition to the Hive ecosystem.

When looking at building economic value, this is going to be a key piece. Ultimately, we are going to see developers tap into this to create more powerful applications.

Over time, that will lead to some breakthroughs i.e. massive value of the "Hive economy".

Looking forward to seeing how quickly this gets embraced once it goes fully live.

The hive discord block browser. Finally

Awesome, looking forward to trying this new block explorer out.