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RE: Update on BlockTrades Hive Work (Nov 16th)

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  • Unfortunately, due to delays related to several hash computations (including one associated with getting the signee key of the block) and conversion of the binary block data to fc::variants and later to json, these API calls are still too slow for the needs of hivemind initial sync.

Is this the cause of the authorization errors we’ve been having lately?


LOL absolutely annoying, writing a comment about it and it happens.



No, it's completely unrelated. That error is generally associated with an improperly serialized transaction. What application are you using to create the comment?

I get it while using hive signer when I'm on PeakD (been meaning to figure out id keychain is available on the mobile version of brave) but it's also been happening on the Ecency app. I don't think it's happened on my laptop where I use keychain.
Good to know that it's not an inherent issue with the chain! It's annoying for me but I just want to make sure new people don't get it, get pissed and quit because they don't understand.
Good karma has looked at it on the Ecency side but I don't think they've had success finding a good cause for it yet, logs haven't been showing anything abnormal. Changing nodes usually fixes it but it took me a bit to figure out a node that would work.

Appreciate your update and work though! Thanks for the reply.

My best guess is that the node is timing out when doing the transaction and you're just getting an erroneous error, maybe because it's too loaded. But it's hard to say without analysis. First step would be to look at the network panel and capture the failing api call. Then you can do isolated testing on api nodes, and check the response times to see if it's a timeout or something else.