D.Buzz Weekly Development Update Report Vol.16

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D.Buzz Weekly Development Update Report

Hello D.Buzz Friends,

Eclipses, some people see them like doors or gateways that support us in entering into a higher dimension of being, a mystical event on which great change happens. If however you are dapp developer coding for the Eclipse HIVE Hard Fork, its more like a blinding experience that leaves you worrying and confused till its over.

Just kidding on that last. :D

We have a lot of respect and admiration for the many individuals working on updating HIVE block chain. Thank you guys and gals for your diligent hard work and effort.

At D.Buzz, we spent our last week really diving in and getting the platform ready for the upcoming hard fork. We are, as of today about 90% ready for the hard fork. However, given the bumpy nature moving into this hard fork we decided to push back the main update to the D.Buzz platform, till after the eclipse Hard Fork.

This was we can keep using Next.D.Buzz to test hard fork code up until lunchtime and ensure that when we update D.Buzz, it will run (*more or less) bug free.

So... while sad to say that we will not be updating D.Buzz today with the new features it will come soon!

Till then feel free to use Next.D.Buzz, or join us on our Discord channel HERE and ask us any questions you might have.

Version-Release: 3.2.1-dev

*NOTE : These features and updates are published to Next.D.Buzz testing server. Updates to the main site "D.Buzz" will start after the Eclipse Hard Fork.

Both sites work.

  • D.Buzz : Stable fully functional site.
  • Next.D.Buzz : Public testing server for new features and updates that will be pushed to the stable site when ready.


  • Fixed errors with usernames logging in with capital letters
  • Fixed sign up button
  • Fixed feed height recalculation when link preview is hidden
  • Fixed user dialog anchoring to top left corner when clicking profile link
  • Hide payout period for newly append comments on mobile view
  • Fixed feed height recalculation when twitter embeds are loading
  • Fixed layout for post actions on mobile view

Progress Report

  • Most of the week was spent on updating and preparing for HF24, we are currently 90% done for getting our Dapp ready for eclipse.
  • Preparing the Dapp for Social media sharing (* This might be a secret cool thing you should take note of)

Update Notes Complete

  • What do you think of these updates?
  • Are you happy with the overall growth and direction we are taking with D.Buzz?

Let us know in the comments below

As always...

The team at D.Buzz, is highly dedicated to the growth and development of the HIVE blockchain and our platform. We welcome any feedback from the community to help further growth of D.Buzz, or how we can further the growth of HIVE.

Over and out.

- D.Buzz


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It’s a reasonable and wise decision to hold off on major updates until after the HF24. Looking forward to your next feature release! Hopefully next week the time will be right.

will be waiting for the rollout of the updates once HF has been done 😉👍🏼 can't wait till @dbuzz posts gets auto sent to twitter 😉👍🏼

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