The $Buzz Token is coming this year! Be Ready!

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The $BUZZ Token is coming this year! Be Ready!

Hello, D.Buzz development enthusiasts!

Last week, we talked about how we are working to make a D.Buzz Lite log in. This would be a way that anyone with a MetaMask account could log in and make an account on D.Buzz, independent of having a Hive account. That will be HUGE in onboarding more users.

That integration is about 1 month away according to our development timeline.

The next step after D.Buzz Lite is live is to start working on the $BUZZ token!

We feel a community token is important because it incentivizes people to be an active part of the community and strengthens the ties that bind the community together. It also makes it easier for people to access the goods and services that the community has to offer.

The use cases of the token outlined on the whitepaper (*and yes, there are a lot of use cases) is currently being worked on.

One part of this new token will be the airdrop for D.Buzz users - let's talk about that.

The $BUZZ Token airdrop, coming in 2022

In our company, we believe in giving back to the community. We are always looking for ways to help out, whether it's voting, promotion, or donation. We think it's important to help make our community a better place for everyone.

The airdrop will be given to those who use the D.Buzz frontend for posting, voting, and leaving comments. The more you make use of D.Buzz, the larger the $BUZZ token airdrop you will receive.

This being said, if your account is flagged or on a blacklist for spam, you will not receive any tokens.

We want to focus on those members of our community who put forth an effort every day - those members of our community who love and use D.Buzz the most.

We do not have a release date or or snapshot date yet, so you have time to get on the Buzz and join our community today. Buzz, have fun, and you will get some $BUZZ tokens apart from Hive upvotes!

Our initial projection puts a token launch at about 4 to 6 months out, around September or October), but those dates are not set in stone. The time frame depends a lot on the development of the D.Buzz Lite platform.

We will keep you updated as we get closer to having a clear launch date.

  • What would you like to see a $BUZZ token do?
  • What sort of use cases do you think a $BUZZ token can have?

D.Buzz Lite update

Progress is going quite well on this. We have the login screen working, and the developer is working on this thoroughly. Again, we see testing this in about 2 or 3 weeks (on our testnet), then rolling it out to the main platform a week or two after that.


Stay tuned for more updates as we keep advancing the Lite platform.

- The D.Buzz


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Great news!

!gif dancing


@dbuzz! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @hafiz34. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

So cool! Looking forward to this being a reality!

looking forward to see what buzz can do! im excited for it!

Estoy deseando aprender más

Finally a token! Additional incentive for me to use D.Buzz! Hopefully lots more people will come to the platform through that alternative on-boarding through Metamask!

:) NICE! That will be so cool later.. things are really movin' in Dbuzz land!

The more the merrier and I think this will bring over lots of new and interesting users.

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Does not work on brave?

Hi, D.Buzz does work on brave, that is the browser that ( I ) use. Some times, you need to clear your cookes and try to reload. Hit us up in discord if you have any issues.

Nice, I need to start using the Dbuzz frontend. You plan on working in any airdrop percentages for those who use the Dbuzz tag or will you stay focused on native to site content creation/curation?

A few weeks ago D.Buzz stopped recognizing my credentials, but my credentials still work with PeakD and Ecency. I want to keep buzzing from the D.Buzz front-end, but it won't let me login anymore.

Is there some reset or reinstallation I need to do so that D.Buzz can recognize me again? I'm not sure who to contact, so I'm mentioning @dbuzz, @aashirrshaikh, @iamraincrystal, @jacuzzi, @postnzt, @coffeebender, @nathansenn, and @chrisrice

@aashirrshaikh @dbuzzdev @postnzt kindly check

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Thank you🙏


Are you able to login now, and is the above username the account you are referring to?

Posted via D.Buzz

This is the correct account name, thank you for getting back to me.

I just saw this buzz, so I will attempt to login to D.Buzz.

[...a few minutes later...]

Authentication using Posting Key failed. Problem persists.

  1. Do you have another account without a . (dot) in it that you can test and try to login with?

  2. Are you using Hive Auth, Hive Keychain, or manually typing in your posting key?

  3. If possible, open Incognito, and try to login that way.

There are a few more things to try ..

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Until I began having my problem, I had been using Hivesigner and typing the Hivesigner password. After I began having this problem, I've been using PeakD to login by copying and pasting the Posting Key.

Using an Incognito window, I attempted login as both and magnacarta and each time manually entering the relevant Posting Key. For both account names, Authorization failed.


I hope this issue is fixed.

If you still can't log in to D.Buzz, please let me know.

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MAKE SURE Its pegged to be both erc20 and a HIVE engine token so we can just auto buy it with our hive rewads etc

This is a great news!!!!

Looking forward to this new token 😁