FRIDAY - Discord Notifications for the Hive Ecosystem

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What is FRIDAY?

FRIDAY is a Discord bot that I came up with almost two years ago, just a brief period after the Hard Fork. Initially, it was named "Deathwing's Hive Monitor" and was written in Python. It only offered very basic features and was heavily unoptimized, hardcoded for my own account and overall, terrible.

In late 2020, I decided to rewrite the bot altogether and implement many needed/wanted features. Switching the programming language from Python to JavaScript, I also invited @rishi556 to work with me and add his expertise, especially in Hive Engine due to his part in the development of the beautiful NFT trading site NFT Mart with @cadawg and @foxon.

Since 2021, we have been actively hosting and developing FRIDAY to offer many features to all Hive users. Some of those features are listed below, but it is much better to try FRIDAY yourself by joining the Discord. After all, it is a completely free service. In short, you'll get intelligent, clear, instant notifications on Discord for any of the on-chain events you choose.

How FRIDAY adds value to the Hive Ecosystem

Many Hive users already use Discord in their communities, to contact their friends, network and so on. As you may know, Hive's native notification system relies on Hivemind - for which, you must log in to frontends like Ecency, PeakD or Hivemind has no awareness of the 2nd layer services and games that many Hive users enjoy. FRIDAY saves the hassle of having to visit multiple sites and enables users to make timely decisions about their Hive holdings and social interactions. By leveraging Discord, FRIDAY will provide instant notifications of any relevant blockchain action day or night. Summary reports on the accounts you monitor are provided every day, week or month regarding the monitored accounts' statistics such as curation rewards, author rewards, beneficiary rewards and more.

To date, FRIDAY has over 600 active users and has sent nearly 5.5 million notifications on Discord. On average, a user monitors 6 accounts on Hive. And yes, you can easily monitor multiple accounts.


Complete Hive Notification Suite

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Curation/Producer Rewards
  • Author Rewards
  • Powerdown Rewards
  • Delegations
  • Transfers
  • Mentions
  • Comments
  • Posts
  • Witness Notifications (Votes, Price feed and Missed Blocks)
  • Reblogs
  • Follows
  • Account-Related Notifications (Key changes, recovery account etc.)
  • DHF Related Notifications (Proposal Monitoring, Payments)
  • Virtual Ops Notifications (HBD Interest, Beneficiary Rewards)
  • Tag/Word Watch (Monitor a certain tag or words in real-time)

Hive-Engine Notifications

  • Transfers
  • Delegations
  • Witness Notifications (Votes, Missed Rounds, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Producer Report)
  • Token Stake/Unstake
  • Market (Buy, Sell, Filled)
  • NFTs (Sent, Received)
  • NFT Markets (Buy, Sell Order Placed, Filled)
  • Punks on Hive

Game Notifications

  • dCity Notifications
  • Splinterlands Notifications (Account Security, Asset Security, Transfers, Airdrop etc.)

And more to come soon, as always.

How much would it cost?

In order to obtain the information needed to notify users, FRIDAY processes several TBs of data from Hive, Hive-Engine, and Splinterlands. For the past (almost) two years, both the Hive and Hive-Engine nodes for FRIDAY have been hosted by us. We have made the decision to create a DHF proposal to help fund the costs necessary to run FRIDAY (especially when expected API node requirements going up after HF26 with the implementation of HAFah and other potential HAF services that FRIDAY will have to support.) as well as speed up the overall development.

We will be accounting for potential future costs for the API node for both Hive and Hive-Engine, backup nodes, and funding for future L2 chains and games, development and maintenance for FRIDAY by two developers. For the time being, I am asking for 70 HBD per day, for the duration of one year (Until July 2023) to ensure rapid development and stability of FRIDAY in this time frame. Should the proposal fail to pass, FRIDAY will continue to be available. Development time and resources will be more limited which will mostly impact the speed at which new features are made available, but may impact availability when there are major changes to the various Hive services FRIDAY supports.


We are always open to feedback for both the DHF proposal itself as well as feature additions to FRIDAY.

I would like to vote for the proposal!

Thanks for your willingness to support us! Please use the following links to get redirected to the proposal pages on popular frontends. /
(Look for the proposal and click the arrow on the right :))

This sounds great! How can I use FRIDAY?

Join our Discord server by clicking this link, and follow the simple instructions there.


The NFT notifications especially would be amazing! You get our vote.

Wow, someone once sent me the link to discord but I was not sure on how to make good use of it so I kind of abandoned it but after reading this, I will make more effort in making use of it.

Thank you for the information @deathwing.

This is the best bot ever created :P Voted!

Thank you so much!

Nah man, thanks to you for the hard work :P

nice work

Thank you so much!

All in one... Interesting

I'm in.


I just accepted the invite for the discord 😊

A DHF proposal to cover server costs for this useful notification bot sounds like a good idea.

It will enable us to develop even faster, fix bugs more efficiently and add even more features in the future.

Yep, that is the most important part. :)

Check this out @yinjuolu

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