Proposal for the upkeep of Hivekings

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History of the infrastructure (formerly started as a small informational website for the Steem/Hive community. The main attraction was the witnesses page, which many of you surely found very useful ( Slowly but surely, it grew through the years, with me putting a lot of time and effort in building it, with the addition of servers and new webpage features. Hivekings became powered by multiple dedicated servers, each handling specific tasks, coordinated in a seamless fashion.

Server 1

Hive full API node (account history and hivemind with high performance hardware. It used to be private, but I made it public after the split from Steem, when we needed all the resources we had to keep the network going.

Server 2

Hive seed node, also providing a fast gbit download of the blockchain file for Hive witnesses and node admins (

Server 3

MariaDB (MySQL) database servicing the Hivekings domain, most importantly the witness page ( and HiveScribe (

Server 4

Main webpage and frontend for HiveScribe and block Explorer (

Funding Request

My position in the top20 was a big motivation to grow and dedicate a lot of time to code and improve the website, which became a bigger infrastructure through the years. However, since 8 months, I dropped out of the top20, because I was missing blocks and the failover script didn't kick in. I lost a few whale votes and sadly didn't recover my position. This has cut down the rewards, the latter being the main source for the development of Hivekings (hardware and coding). I could absorb the expenses for many months, but to be honest, funds are running low.

Therefore, I'm requesting a daily funding of 75 HBD 50 HBD (revised) until 1 July 2022, to keep the services running by covering the expenses and man power. That includes:

  • ISP gbit costs
  • Servers management
  • Performance and status monitoring
  • Backups
  • Hardware and storage upgrades (SSD/NVME wear and tear)
  • Code maintenance (updates, optimizations, testing, debugging)
  • Bots on Discord channels where I hang out
  • New features

Proposal Links

If you like what I've been offering through the years, please support this Hivekings proposal. You can vote with either of the following options:

Thank you for your support.


I have been a big fan of you for a long time. Thank you for all your work so far. You have my support.



@drakos! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @vimukthi.

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I would definitely vote for you, you are doing great so why not!!!

I never used it. Do you think the service brings value to hive?

Drakos brings value to the ecosystem.
When the chain goes off the rails he has always been here to help.

Without his scribe, finding edit contents and original posts goes away.

scribe is great, ecency also has something similar iirc

Thanks, good to know!

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75hbd a day seems high.
That is a big fraction of your actual market value.

I think more folks would support a cost to keep the servers going plus xx% more for a minimal amount of your time.
We don't want to lose the service, but we don't want to pay too much, either.

Can you tell us how much is just for servers?

You got my vote buddy, You're underrecognized for what you do. :)

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please consider reviewing your witness votes


Guiltyparties is an old blockchain friend, We've been on good terms and I support him.

ok, thanks for the upvotes - my rep is getting chipped away by steemcleaners automatically downvoting every single comment i post

steemcleaners is a team, not just one person.

well, apparently hivewatchers and guiltyparties don't know who is controlling it