Yeah, I think its a bit complex procedure. I'd suggest you do set your recovery account to someone trusted, who is technically sound. Should the need arises, s/he can help you navigate through the complexity.

Thanks for the advice, but due to a misunderstanding when managing my keys on Steem about a year ago, I don't have them all anymore. I only recently found that out, when I went to change my recovery account here - it told me my owner key is invalid. Guess I'm a sitting duck. Doesn't matter, anyway, I already lost 97% of my money and 3 years of full time work here on this blockchain. Might as well lose the last 3%, and my ability to reach my dwindling audience, too.

I am sorry for your loss. If you have your master password, you can generate private Owner key. Got to and login with master password to reveal your owner key.

Unfortunately I was convinced by some posts about a year ago to simplify my Steem passwords/keys down from 9 to 7 or so. There was a big uproar about not using your upper level keys for posting, and at some point I got confused what all the various keys/passwords were. After 2 years of chastising others who had lost their keys, apparently I did it. On purpose, no less. I didn't realize it was gone until recently, when I went to change my account recovery, and was told my owner key isn't valid. When I went to fix/reveal it, as you've mentioned above, I discovered the missing "password".
So I have a private owner key which worked fine on Steem, but doesn't seem to work here, and my posting/active keys. I'm a bit afraid to change or do much or anything, in case I put myself in an even worse situation. I know a LOT of people are in the same boat. The whole 9 passwords thing needs to be fixed. Some people can do it. A lot can't and won't. We're losing a lot of people with the complexity and user unfriendliness.

I am confused. I do not understand the problem. What is a 9 password?

There are 9 passwords to keep track of. It's too many. 2 would make more sense, although most people have trouble with more than 1, so if we want mass adoption.........