HIVE price ticker on OSX status bar

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Just packaged and uploaded Hivebar 0.0.1, which puts a price ticker of HIVE and HBD into your status bar.

  • The price is fetched from @coingecko API.
  • You can set a custom interval, in seconds.
  • An 🆙 emoji appears if the price is up in the last 24 hours

Set Custom intervalSuccess


  • The application is not signed since I didn't register an Apple developer account, yet. It's also possible that you can package yourself. (Instructions are below)
  • command line developer tools needs to be installed for the app to run.

Instructions to package it yourself

$ python3 -m venv hivebar-env
$ source hivebar-env/bin/activate
$ git clone
$ pip install rumps py2app requests
$ cd hivebar
$ python py2app

Check /dist directory for the .app file and run it.

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Legend. Was looking for something as my usual "cointick" app uses CryptoCompare where HIVE isn't available.

Will have a go at getting this running shortly

Let me know if you encounter any issues.

It's working well so far. Just need to be able to test that it doesn't break when it goes over $1 ;) Hopefull test that soon :D

Would be good to be able to get the satoshi value as well as the USD (and other currencies maybe)

good idea, maybe that can be a configuration option. (Choose $USD or Satoshis)

Cool! Just added it to my OSX status bar.
I never did this for Steem as I never felt I 100% owned it because it wasn't fully decentralised.

Awesome, back to Dev action I beleive :)

yes! good to see you at HIVE, mate.

I am going to check it right away, Thanks for your effort

#hive got listed on CMC too, You can also fetch price from there.

Yes, but @coingecko has a user at HIVE blockchain. Why using CMC while we have neighbours here? :)

Right ;) Glad to see @coingecko here