Hivesigner Python Client

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hivesigner-python-client is a simple yet powerful library to interact with HiveSigner. Hivesigner is a single sign-on solution for HIVE based applications and it implements Oauth2 for the authorization logic.

With this client;

  • Implementing Authorization/Authentication flow w/ OAuth
  • Broadcasting supported operations to the HIVE blockchain with the user of your app

are possible through Hivesigner.



$ (sudo) pip install hivesigner

Migrating from steemconnect-python-client

If you use steemconnect-python-client and want to switch to HIVE version, the only change you need to do is updating imports.

Old way:

from steemconnect.client import Client

New way:

from hivesigner.client import Client.

Also, Resteem class is changed as Reblog. Examples and more details can be found at the documentation website.

Note: Hivesigner is being maintained by @good-karma since the switch. There is an ongoing proposal for it's maintenance for a while. If you didn't see it yet, check it out.


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