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This is the first official development update since the formation of the organization and announcement on Hive. In this post, @imwatsi shares the status of the projects that the organization is working on.

A follow-up video is being recorded with more details on the projects. Stay tuned.

Organizational Structures

Work done in the last few weeks was split between infrastructure/organizational work and software development.

Server deployment

We have put up servers (including development and backup servers) and snapshot recovery for the HAF servers associated with all our projects, to ensure high availability and minimal downtime in case of crashes and recovery.

Global Notification System (GNS)

  • A development server running HAF, customized to prune data older than 30 days, for development and community testing purposes
  • A full HAF server will be deployed after the feature to start HAF sync after a specified block is released.

Plug & Play

Hive Dex API

  • A HAF server running HAF filtered for the following operations (limit_order_create_operation, limit_order_cancel_operation, limit_order_create2_operation, fill_order_operation, limit_order_cancelled_operation)
  • A development server

New frontend developer

Meet @chanceDira on GitHub.

We onboarded a new frontend developer to take over the development of the social dApp as well as “showcase” frontends for GNS and Hive DEX. We spent time familiarizing him with the Hive blockchain and the libraries and tools we are going to use. He is currently working on the social dApp as primary focus and the showcase frontends (one of them described below).

Global Notification System

  • A new server has been deployed, with the GNS app available at
  • A preview frontend to interact with GNS is under development. Here's a screenshot (only sample data is available at the moment, work is underway to link it to the main API):

Screen Shot 2022-10-01 at 17.36.40.png

  • Support for Vote notifications has been added
  • Support for Mentions, Follows and Unfollows is being tested locally

Plug & Play

  • A new Podping server has been deployed:
  • Optimizations to the SQL sync code


The core HAF related code is mostly done, we are now developing the API to match Coingecko’s requirements. We expect to announce an initial beta release this coming week.

The code is on GitHub:

Hive Attention Tokens (HAT)

Work is still underway to get the core of the system finished. Currently on testnet, tokens can be created. We are developing the tokenomics to allow the tokens to have dynamic properties such as emissions and automated distribution. More updates will be posted when available. DAO

We are working on the conceptual designs of the platform and software needed to achieve the DAO’s goals. Most of the work done so far is preliminary and detailed designs will commence after we’ve covered all the necessary scopes. Some work on exploration of the legal landscape was also performed.

by @imwatsi - Co-Founder | CEO | Blockchain Developer

Thanks for reading. A follow-up video is being recorded with more details on the projects. Stay tuned.

We're glad to be building on Hive.
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Super Exciting news !LUV

Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress!

We've just turned a corner on organizational structures, so development has picked up pace. Expect more updates very soon :)

fantastic update!

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