From Esteem Search to Hivesearcher

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Part of making Esteem Search Engine more open is to make it separate brand and service. Since Esteem is rebranding to Ecency, it is perfect time to do just that.

Introducing Hivesearcher

We will be moving to as a part of our proposal work. Here is the simple magnifying Hivesearcher logo with Hive flavor.


Once migration is completed for Backend API and Frontend, we will make separate post about it and ask dapp developers/owners to migrate into new endpoints.

Recent updates

Little over a month ago, we have made some improvements to search and added extra indexing for communities, requested by Peakd team.

Communities use category field when content is created, so you can search for posts from certain category like this:* category:hive type:post
or community:* category:hive-139531 type:post

Due to increase in size of index, we had to add one more cluster/server to Elasticsearch. Things are running smoothly so far, but we can do better, improve rankings and add different ranking options, etc.

We would like to Thank everyone who took their time to support proposal and do their part to improve search engine and make it open for all developers.

Hivesearcher needs your support to help us improve the system for everyone and open access to all Dapps. And potentially creating more new apps with better discovery features.

Support proposal


Really hope this proposal is funded ... and soon. It will be helpful for the users of at least 3 different interfaces.

Voted! Is it possible to search for posts by app?

 2 months ago 

You can find some complex query examples here:, we will improve documentation to give more examples and suggest some use cases

Thanks a lot. I have gone through lot of troubles trying to search through my old articles. It was a no brainer proposal to support.

Amazing work, voted! Is it possible to add some facets, e.g. post value, tags, date?

 2 months ago 

We have minimal documentation of queries here:

Improving documentation is part of roadmap for this proposal

I'm excited to see the outcome! (^_^)

 2 months ago 

Thanks, we are excited too about new dedicated name and domain. Migration is mostly moving existing infrastructure under new domain but proposal covers more improvements to the core.

ohhh.. Interesting! This will take time to migrate!!!

 2 months ago 

Appreciate the support!

Supported 👍

ecency is the future 😉 mark my words folks. come back to this comment in a few years.

I support this proposal and voting for it.

muchísimas gracias por hacer crecer la comunidad, yo desde mi trinchera, trabajare para hacerla crecer en latinoamerica

Done! Proposal - supported!

 2 months ago 

Appreciate it! 🙇

Thank you for all the hard work! This is great!

very good work, we hope to see new improvements in operation, voted

Voted for your proposal, love the mobile app already and can not wait for the full hive version. I'm excited to see how Hive is going to grow over the next year, and also for supporting it's infrastructure myself. Thank you for helping making it an awesome mobile experience.

I dont think you need my little vote for your witness account but i want to tell you , anything that touches tech ( apps and all ) i find it very impressive , since 2009 i am grateful and impressed by such work . Thank you for bringing that to us 💐

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