Hivesigner - Login scope explained

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Earlier today created short video to explain what Hivesigner Login scope means and how it has huge potential for future expansion and hybrid application models.

Sharing it here as well...


Hivesigner has different scopes and one of them is login scope where no posting authority is required, while many integration of Hivesigner use posting scope, there are 2 examples that I know of, which uses just login scope. and, I briefly explain how it works.

Do you want ability to Signup or Login into any website on Internet with your Hive account?
Single account everywhere, even on non-blockchain websites (web 2.0). Personally I am really interested, how we can take this feature into next level...

Feel free to leave a comment/feedback/thoughts/ideas.


Single account everywhere, even on non-blockchain websites (web 2.0).

Just imagine your account being hacked. The hackers will have access literally to every website you use.

In practice, we see people create different account for different services just like people creating different account for different Hive apps. But in this instance you control your own account, so you don't have to give any personal data to other websites just what's public. And if hack happens it will be your own fault, not some corporation saying, ops we got hacked, ops we sold your data, etc. 😊

I am curios how many people online use Google, Twitter, Facebook to signup on other websites today 🤔 In early days of chain history, even we accepted signup to chain via Facebook



HIGHEST Regards for your work Bruv! TY!

I consider work done to make hivesigner better a good thing... it's been a long long time since it got good UX love. New functionality sounds cool but to be honest I watched the video and it sounds like it was mainly for developers to understand I'll see if someone has some interpretation for me. I'll ask @asgarth perhaps

But in general I'm glad to see work being done on HiveSigner because it's tested as the most confusing experience but as the OLDEST system and most used mobile experience it is still very important thing for Hive.

Oh yes, it was mainly for technical/developers. Also in video, I am using old/current Hivesigner. I was thinking to do video about upcoming Hivesigner changes. We already have it ready, some final touches and should be able to release in

Isn't it a kind of centralization? I am not very muvh into technology yet I think the feature is going to have its own pros and cons. Where it eill provide ease of logging in, there are higher chances of being hacked

Depends what you mean, everything is on blockchain so it is decentralized, you own your keys, your account, etc.

I think I need to expand my understanding and knowledge about blockchain and stuffs.