Introducing the HiveBuzz API for applications and websites

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Several developers have recently contacted us to ask if it is possible to integrate HiveBuzz badges with their websites or applications.

This is why we have set up an API server that will allow them to easily obtain information relating to users' badges. The API is free to use. However, be aware that the call rate is throttled to avoid exhausting the server resources.

How to use the HiveBuzz API?



DescriptionRetrieve a user's level image

HiveBuzz will update the image automatically whenever the user's level changes (up or down).

If you want the API to return the "Dead Fish" image whenever a user has been inactive and hasn't performed any transaction on the blockchain for more than 30 days, you can add the parameter ?dead to your call.



DescriptionRetrieve the list of all badges for a user, including those that were not collected by the user

Returns an array of objects with the following properties

typebadge type (activity, perso, meetup)
nameshort name
titlename of the badge displayed on the board
descriptionDescription of the badge that is displayed in the description modal window when you click on a badge
description_titleTitle displayed on the top of the description window
groupGroup identifier used to group badges by affinity
urlurl of the the badge

Sample Response:

  "type": "perso",
  "ID": 38,
  "name": "birthday-3",
  "title": "3 years on the Hive blockchain",
  "description": "Congratulations! You joined Hive blockchain three years ago!",
  "description_title": "3 years on the Hive blockchain",
  "group": "P01",
  "url": ""
  "type": "meetup",
  "ID": 43,
  "name": "steemfest-4",
  "title": "SteemFest 4 Attendee",
  "description": "You went to Bangkok to attend SteemFest⁴",
  "description_title": "SteemFest 4 Attendee",
  "group": "M01",
  "url": ""


DescriptionQuery for the owner list of a badge

Returns an array of strings (usernames)

Sample Response:



If you need help to integrate your website or application with HiveBuzz, feel free to contact us on Discord.

The Hivebuzz Team

HiveBuzz needs your help! Read and support our proposal!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Its only development that produce good outcome, @hivebuzz, you guys have gone extra mile in developing the hive community, though am new,I think I will enjoy working with you guys,as a contribution, I will reblog your post so people in my blog can also be notified

Thank you for the reblog @sirmartinet; appreciated!

Hola @hivebuzz… He elegido tu post para mi iniciativa diaria de reblogear. Este es mi aporte para Hive…
Sigamos trabajando y aportando ideas para crecer en Hive!...
Hello @hivebuzz... I have chosen your post for my daily reblogging initiative. This is my contribution to Hive...
Let's keep working and giving ideas to grow in Hive!

Awesome :))) I will try the API 😁

@hivebuzz won't you require a client id/token for requests?

what for?

Most APIs require tokens to track who uses which and map usage per account if it reaches limit or not. Only limits excess usage to accounts with that token. Well, this is business-case, depending on paid access I get more bandwidth/usage or if free I get less. But my point is on abuse, or DDoS, maybe simultaneous and repeated requests haunts the API. :D

We are not in a business case and our API is free to use. Adding userid/token will add burden on both side.
We prefer to keep it simple and throttle requests/usage globally at the server side.
And if we change our mind, we can still implement it 😉

Great! Feel free to provide feedback if any

Good information and excellent work.

Great stuff, hope to check it out soon.

i am new here. thats why it is confusing to me. can anyone help me to make a badge for me? :(

You can contact @arcange on Discord or Telegram

I think setting up the API server is such a reasonable decision because it will help us have access to the information we want about user's badges.
It is also easy to access it. Thanks for such great update.

Thank you for the information @hivebuzz. I think there are some members of the Indonesian Hive Community who are interested in this program. We are incessantly conducting a promotion of the Hive in Indonesia.

You're welcome @ayijufridar
Feel free to contact @arcange on Discord or Telegram if you need more info about HiveBuzz
BTW, it would be very appreciated if you could support our proposal so we can keep up the good work!

I am getting an error - can't seem to load the website link :o