Hivesearcher improvements

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Here are some of the recent changes on Hivesearcher and ongoing work progress.


Almost a month ago, we have made significant changes on Account searching feature. Previously it was caching accounts that are active in past month and prioritizing search among those accounts but new people and older accounts wasn't being indexed/properly or prioritized. After our changes, we can now say, indexing is done on entire account list on Hive and it is working quite good.

Remember, account search does search from username, display name, account description, location, etc.

There are other long list of improvements and your support would help us allocate more time into this service. We will be continuing to improve it when our internal resources allow. If you have any questions or improvement suggestions, feel free to reach out.

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I just tried the search engine and its quite impressive.

Oh so that's why the ecency search is great. 👍

Nice development, maybe soon we have our very own Google

We need a true decentralized search engine and hivesearcher would be a good solution.

We have true decentralized content which search engine relies on, so that’s good enough and if foundation of search is decentralized then that’s already a progress

The search is really quick and gets relevant results. It's a great resource to have. Thanks

Magnificent change🤙

Very nice @hivesearcher !

I noticed when doing a few searches under "Relevance" that some of the posts I found were hit by the Cheetah bot, Bad content bot, or some other policing bot to be on a blacklist for spam, plagiarism, or scam/fraud postings. Are there plans to weed these types of posts out of the results?

Also, are you considering the possibility of adding a "pay you to search, then click" type feature? Something like Presearch?

Kudos to the Devs for the improvements ✌️😄 👍