New Hivesigner UI is out

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We have just rolled out all new Hivesigner with recent HF25 changes.


Thank you for everyone who gave their feedback about new changes. We will continue to improve and make it better.

You can find HF25 operations in Signer page:
Search and sign any transaction right from We will be adding more placeholder and description of each operation to make it much more understandable. Right now, it is more like advanced feature for people who are familiar with operations, signing transaction and blockchain in general. Goal is to make it super simple for average/new people as well.

Please leave a comment if you have any feedback regarding new changes and how we can make it better.

NB. Developers, please test your apps with new version to see if everything works as expected.

Hivesigner instances


New source

Read details of Hivesigner proposal

Support proposals

Hivesigner | Ecency | Hivesearcher


Great! Hive on Fire 🔥

Yes i have seen that few minutes ago looks great.
Thanks for the update

From first inspection it seems you literally took NONE of my feedback and the feedback of our users? Why did you release this without any UI improvements from the test phase? Or am I missing something?

Your feedback regarding adding Hive username, Hive private keys into error fields, making Encryption password fields more informative, Delete account changed to Remove account from Hivesigner, Account selection with authorities access fixed to show correct account's authorities and other minor changes included, .

I cann't login on {"error":"access_token is wrong"}
the new signer don't work in ecency too

Edit: After the fix, it is working normally!

Please retry on both sites, we have deployed a fix.

Todo lo que sea positivo para la colmena bienvenido sea

Great I started loving it 😊

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As always a job well done, congratulations to all the team, best regards my friends.✌️

A lot of updates on Hive. Feels like Christmas :D

Looks gorgeus thanks!

That hivesearcher is really handy

Hello @hivesigner my Hivesigner is horrible still goes crazy, he stays glued to get in I just touch the screen like crazy anywhere until I can get in! Help me please, what do I do?


Can you share what device and browser are you using?

Hello, @good-karma thanks for answering! I use Google Chrome I have an Alcatel onyx cell phone! It remains the same, I only play crazy until I manage to open my blog 🤪

Thank you for details, we will see what we can find out.

Could you please try again? We have pushed some updates earlier today, we hope it will resolve the issue you experienced. Please let us know, thanks!

Yes, thank you very much it works perfectly really thanks


Seem to be experiencing this since morning. What might be the problem @hivesigner @good-karma

What transaction you were trying to sign? Have you logged into hivesigner with active key?

Tried making a transfer to my alt. Later on tried staking and exchanging tokens to swap.hive. the same thing

Ok, thank you for details, we are pushing some fixes in couple hours.