Distribubot has moved to HIVE

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You can find the source code on github. I pushed the newest version also to pypi. Here you can also find my first post about distribubot.


pip3 install distribubot -U

Edit the config.json and add the active key to beempy:

beempy createwallet
beempy addkey

the bot can then be started by

distribubot /path/to/config.json --datadir=/writeable_datadir/

The data file is stored at /writeable_datadir.

Distribubot has moved to HIVE

distribubot 0.4.0 uses now hiveengine and can only be used with the HIVE blockchain.

Running instance

I run one instance of distribubot on my server. Currently ENGAGE tokens are handled by this instance. Let me know, if you have a token that you want to be distributed through commands in comments.

How does it work?

Each token has a config which defines the command that triggers the bot, the amount of token that a user must have and the maximum amount that can be send.

This is the configuration for the ENGAGE tokens:

        "token_account": "misterengagement",
        "symbol": "ENGAGE",
        "token_memo":"Here are your tokens thanks to {}",
        "reply": true,
        "sucess_reply_body": "<center>  Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved <code>ENGAGE</code> tokens.</center>",
        "fail_reply_body": "You need to have 1000 ENGAGE, in order to use this service.",
        "no_token_left_body": "<center>  There has already been too much <code>ENGAGE</code> today.</center>",
        "no_token_left_for_today": "You need to own more token",
        "comment_command": "!ENGAGE",
        "user_can_specify_amount": true,
        "min_token_in_wallet": 1000,
        "default_amount": 1,
        "count_only_staked_token": false,
        "maximum_amount_per_comment": 100,
        "token_in_wallet_for_each_outgoing_token": -1,
        "usage_upvote_percentage": 5

A user needs to have at least 1000 ENGAGE in their wallet, to be able to gift tokens to others. The token are send from misterengagement. The command to trigger the bot is !ENGAGE and it is possible to add an amount to it. The maximum amount that can be gifted is 100 ENGAGE.
!ENGAGE 100 will gift 100 ENAGE to the parent comment author.

Distribubot will reply to the same comment as it can be seen here:

and sends the tokens with a memo to the parent comment author:

Use Distribubot on your own server

You can find the source code here:

You only need to install it and create a config.json for getting started.

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Hi @holger80, you have received a small bonus upvote from MAXUV.
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Thank you Holger!

Can the vote weight of mrE match the number of tokens sent? - so I can trail with a varying %


Nice one imma be starting my tipping again yeeeaaaah