Native Ads Protocol - Weekly Dev Update #2

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Here's a brief overview of what I have implemented in the last week.


18 commits, 295 additions and 143 deletions, when I merged the dev branch into master...

See all my commits here:

Most of the code I wrote was preparatory, to enable support for advertizer ops (like ad_bid, ad_submit) and the creation of ad posts (which will be how ads are defined). I also refactored a number of functions.

Ad Posts

Code to handle the creation of new ad posts and updates to existing ones is almost complete. The database schema now supports storage of these in the ads table. I also added a table for the various states an ad goes through; ads_state, to support the workflow.

Advertizer Ops

I wrote the base code for handling the advertizer ops and validating them. This coming week I'll be adding code for the individual ops.

Next week's scope

  • Finish up advertizer ops
  • Implement ad payment code
  • Run tests on all ops and make sure the database is storing data correctly
  • Start working on the API endpoints

ETA on an alpha release: 1-2 weeks

Upon release, the server will be available on:

Anyone who wants to run the server can download the source, pip install it according to the README and run. I'll continue improving the setup and installation methods.


Great to see you getting through the work on this one. Looking forward to the release and watching how it gets integrated.

SteemIt was battle tested in March ... and it sunk; which is why we have to use HIVE instead.