Hyperion Goes Live

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Site: https://hyperion.zone/

I mentioned previously that I'm working on a type of front-end to Hive. The focus is to present content in more of an "in-box" style.

It's at the point where I think it's presentable. You can even curate directly in Hyperion.

I've tested it on mobile using the browser in @roelandp's HiveWallet (because it allows Hive Keychain interactivity), but I still have a bit of work to do before it's mobile-friendly.

There's a UI design goal that you shouldn't have to explain anything, if the UI design is good. But I'm not sure I'm that skilled. My thing is more back-end, which is why I'm using Bootstrap 4.

With that in mind, though, I thought I'd outline the workflow I currently use:

  1. Type in a favorite tag and click Query. E.g.: image.png
  2. You can just start reading from here and click "Mark Shown as Read" once you're done with the first 30.
  3. - Or -, you can click on the Related Tags / Categories button to get a list of other tags that use this one. E.g.: image.png
  4. If you click on one of these, you'll see posts related to both tags.
  5. - Or -, you can click on the Past Tags / Categories button. E.g.: image.png
  6. From here, you can add a tag to your Favorites. Once you've added a few tags as favorites, you can turn on the Only Favorites Tags switch: image.png

That's just one workflow. Try it yourself: https://hyperion.zone/


I actually really enjoy it the interface that is. It is sort of like an inbox of sorts for what matters on Hive. I'll keep playing about with it excellent work!

QA means Quality Assurance. Thanks for testing it out before the launch. 😇

Good work, perhaps we can have Hivesigner login also, would be good for mobile login/access as well?

I'd like to. It's on my todo list.

that's pretty neat ! I am not a fan of the design but I like the idea behind it

That's fair. My goal is to see if there's a scalable way to curate this "firehose."

My name is really big in that picture.

Big name = Big ❤

inspired by "HEY" ? :)

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Keychain works good with kiwi browser on mobiles.

That's a great project I must say

Looks great, checking it out now :0

It’s a good design, good job

Great work @inertia. Your one of favorite developer on #Hive. Cheers 🍯😊

Good work. Tags feature is really fascinating.

Awesome work man! Can't wait to see the updates come. I checked it out with Hive keychain and I really enjoy it.

I just tested out and I enjoyed its old school style 🤓

Old school. 😂 Yep, totally. Presenting Web 3.0 in a Web 1.0 interface.

Awesome, thanks for this.

Good work Inertia.