Why Hive?

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Someone made the mistake of asking me today why I build apps on Hive.

Here's a few reasons I came up with:

  1. Passive income.
  2. Transparency.
  3. Free, instant transactions.
  4. Increasingly decentralised.
  5. Numerous use-cases.
  6. All FOSS chain and libs.
  7. Web3-focused.
  8. Growing list of Dapps and games.
  9. Huge developer community.
  10. IFTTT/Smart-contracts.
  11. Automated recurring payments (bills, subscriptions, etc).
  12. Automated scheduled payments (pensions, employee bonuses, etc).
  13. Timed transfers.
  14. Zero KYC.
  15. Hundreds of ICO coins to trade.
  16. NFT's.
  17. Prediction markets.
  18. Tons of api nodes.
  19. Accepted at most exchanges and bridges.
  20. Multiple wallets for android, ios, and web.
  21. Ad-free and self-funding with a shared, multi-million dollar reserve pool.
  22. Direct-debit and beneficiary services.
  23. Free, multi-sig (and vanity) accounts.
  24. Supported by merchants worldwide.
  25. Atomic cross-chain swaps (accs) dev in progress.
  26. Paper wallets.
  27. A damn good stablecoin for USD.
  28. Human-readable account names/addresses ("please send 5 Hive to janedoe69").
  29. 51% Attacks are impossible.
  30. Vesting balances and interest-bearing accounts.
  31. Stakeholder approved funding for your projects...

A few of those are still in-progress and getting stronger by the day. The Developer community here is top-notch so if you're looking to build a blockchain app or dapp, have a look at Hive.


Thanks a lot for this great list of answers explaining why choosing Hive is the right choice!
Hive is more unique than rare and the great thing is that your list will get longer and longer as time goes by and at the same time Hive's utilities (which are already many) will also increase...

Boom! Now there's a list, sharing this with my Crypto enthusiast friends, many of whom still don't have Hive accounts. Sometimes the simplest posts are the best, it doesn't necessarily have to be War and Peace

I've always been a fan of the k.i.s.s. method too :)

Ha ha touché!

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Thank you wanderingmoon :)

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Wow, interesting hive as done a lot, thanks for sharing this..

Hive is great. Was happy to see a proposal to make multi-sig easy on Hive. I voted and will suggest everyone to have a look and support the proposal: https://ecency.com/proposals/237


For sure #1 is a good reason! kidding.. although it is fun and good to get all the rewards, I joined hive mostly for the social interaction since I am NOT really a people person in real life, but online is cool! (and FB/twitter and such.. not for me..)

Before HBD came along, I didn't see #27 (stable coin) as a reason to do this, but now, I am spoiled by the great ROI it brings.. 😁🤙

In that case, you enumerated enough positive points to keep developing on the Hive blockchain.

Indeed. :)

This points really is truly an amazing idea to build app on hive.

I just discovered HiveLedger.. is it legit?


check out Blurt.Blog,
compare the ideal setting of no downvotes... among other things.

Isn't blurt a fork of Hive? If I joined over there, that would be like throwing away all the things I have built on the Hive blockchain and stabbing Hive in the back. I love Hive, man.

wow... so personal...

No no, nothing personal at all there Frank, I'm just sayin, I have put thousands of lines of code and manhours into releasing apps on the Hive blockchain, a chain that really works great for the use-cases that I like to build. Point of sale, mobile wallets, monetised p2p streaming media, libs, plugins, etc. No way would I want to throw any of that away.

If you're referring to downvoting someone, I feel that downvotes are imperative to the longterm success of a chain like Hive. It would be "ideal" as you said though to not have to downvote anyone.

Question 1: How else will we as a community be able to discourage people from posting nsfw stuff in a kids group for example? Lock him out of his account, or even his funds? KYC him? Dox him? Where does it end?

At least with downvoting, we as a community can collapse his post unless the viewer really wants to expand it to see it. The reputation score of a person is important too because if that guy is getting downvoted a lot then obviously he's posting stuff that people just don't want to see anymore.

If a user's account can get locked via a human's decision, then that chain isn't much better IMO than say facebook or twitter. We want to politely nudge a person to do the right thing, not just lock him out of the house. Free speech is great and all, but everyone knows that you don't walk into a movie theatre and yell FIRE as a joke. That would get people hurt. Proper parenting, setting the example, and the Non-Aggression Principle is everything. Let's nudge the guy in the right direction, not hit him with a crowbar.

Question 2: From my limited understanding of Blurt, your Blurt account can get locked. Is that right?

Without the downvoting mechanism, I think it would be quite hard to discourage someone from posting porn, aggression, scam links in hundreds of comments on various threads with multiple accounts (buy my latest shitcoin!), and so on.

I ask these things Frank with the highest respect for you, I do not want a war or anything, they are just a couple of questions that I have now about Blurt since you promoted here on my post.

@megadrive is your man...
I'll pass on the politics.

To answer question 1- I personally don't go looking for those topics so I'm not aware of a proliferation of such filth to the point of making it relevant.

question 2- I personally got into BLURT the same way I got into hive, because they were PIRATE copies of Steem and my keys worked.

I think things like hiveWatchers is absolutely Criminal... I'm pretty sure the SEC has got it's hands full shaking down other cryptos but the Downvote button wired to a Mass Reward Pool Pull is absolutely GAMED to feed a tiny amount of whales... so it's SCAMMIER than a LUNA token in my FRANK opinion.

Getting away from the Downvote theft was the only FISCALLY responsible thing I did as a business owner... and then I moved on...

TBH, don't worry about it,
The world sucks and should hopefully get nuked soon.
Have yourself a great Holiday and hive ON 😎🥓👍