Success: @keys-defender's ITG for 9 days automatically protected a compromised wallet with ~500 HIVE

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If it's the first time you come across @keys-defender, it's a bot that has as its main goals to:

  1. Automatically warn as soon as possible users that leak their keys on the blockchain;
  2. Put their funds into their savings to protect them from thieves;
  3. Reset their keys to protect their leaked account, when applicable.

ITG is a new feature added to @keys-defender after an account with $ 48,000 leaked their active key and I had to manually transfer all incoming transactions into his savings and cancel all withdrawals requests until the owner read my automated warnings.

ITG is an attempt to automate those additional defense operations. It is still under development but it already makes sure that a compromised account does not lose funds going into their wallet.

This is the first time it protected a live account and it managed to do so for 9 days for @j3dy's compromised wallet.

Some pics of its well doings..

Transaction finally failing due to missing authority on Hive:
(More context: after the leak the owner changed the active key on Steemit where the leak happened but not on Hive)


Logs with timestamp of when the key on Hive was eventually changed:

Automated activities successfully performed by @keys-defender's ITG:
(Note: ITG can also be launched separately from @keys-defender when necessary)

  • Wallet funds check every second both on Hive and Steem (bear in mind that for most users the keys are still shared). Every time new funds got detected they got immediately transferred to @j3dy's savings;


  • Daily reminder sent to the compromised account warning them that they still need to change keys on one or both chains.


Hiveians, keep your keys away from your clipboard!   =]

Take care,
Gabe (@gaottantacinque)


good job keysdefender. I hope I never need you, but I'm glad you are there to help.