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I know it's not something to get excited about and there are already notifications on Peakd, hive.blog, and Gina.
As you might know, some people are talking about a new fork of steem and they say Hive is not good for them. Unfortunately, they run Gina, which is the most used notification service on Hive. So I thought it might be a good decision to build an exclusive notification service for Hive users and don't depend on the people who work against Hive.

Also, it's not just Discord. Telegram, Email, SMS, Desktop, and Mobile notifications are also on the list of development.

We don't have a name for this service and it's just "Hive Notifications". Well, this might be a name too.

Hive Notifications

The final goal is to develop a good notification service for Hive users which is available on Discord, Telegram, Email, SMS, Desktop notifications, and Push notifications.

We monitor all the available operations on the blockchain, including virtual operations.

This service is still under heavy development and STEMGeek's First Hackathon
is the only reason for un-finished release of the service.

Discord notifications are currently working but messages sent by the bot need more development. Messages may not be pretty, but it's working for now.

List of notifications that are monitored till now:


And of course for witnesses:


Development Plan

After making messages sent by the bot beautiful on Discord, we will work on the remaining features as listed below:

  • Formatting messages sent by Hive.vote
  • Mentions
  • Posts by certain tags
  • Posts by certain authors
  • Posts by certain words
  • Blacklist users
  • Blacklist tags
  • Daily/Weekly report of rewards
  • Support multiple accounts with one login
  • Telegram notifications
  • Email notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • Desktop notifications
  • Push notifications
  • ...
  • Something missing? Comment below!

There will be different panels for each notification account. For example, users will set only critical operations like transfers to be notified by email or SMS.

There is no end to the improvements of this service. We will make sure to deliver one of the best possible notification services ever seen. We are open to the community's feedback and will deploy most of the requests.

How to use

Since we have a big userbase on hive.vote, we added this service to the users' panel at https://hive.vote

Log in with your posting key at https://hive.vote using Hivesigner then select "Notifications" from the side panel. There is no need for authorization.

You have to join our Discord server to receive notifications. Discord bots can't send messages to users without a common server.

Then add your discord account by clicking on the "Add discord" button. This will take you to discord.com to get your username directly from discord.com.

After adding your discord account, you will see configuration options on the "Notifications" page.

Select what you want to get notified then click on "Submit changes".

That's all you need to do.

Multiple accounts

Right now you can log in with multiple accounts and add the same discord account for all of them. In this way, you will receive notifications of all accounts in one discord account.

It still needs you to be the owner of the account to receive notifications for that account but we will add an option to receive notifications for any account you want.


Our goal is to provide a reliable notification service to deliver notifications as fast as possible without missing any operation.

With the addition of email and SMS notifications, it's crucial for us to provide a bulletproof service to deliver critical notifications like the change of account keys or transfers.

We have a dedicated Hive node for this service to stay up without any down-time. Soon we hope to set up a backup server too. But for now, the budget is tight for our newborn project.


Yeah, we all are tired of waiting for SMTs but who knows, anything is possible with Hive.

Our code is ready to support SMTs and we will support SMTs right from the launch. The code is there (and will be) ready for any new operation.

Last word

Remember, this project is still heavily under development. We recommend selecting just a few options from the notifications which are not available on the other services for now.

Reminder: Add your discord account in the site or join our discord server to receive updates on the development process.

Gitlab: Hive notifications

I'm really happy about Hive and I enjoy being with you. Let's build the future. Together.

Waiting for your great comments. 👍

Beneficiaries: @null 100%


How about Buzzer?

Glad to see the development!
Mobile notifications are always welcomed :)

Nice project.

What is the third fork called? If I still have some STEEM do I get airdroped more coins?


Blurt is the name of the new fork.


I don't see anything official from the team behind it. I think it realeases in July around the 4th. I think everyone with steem, steem power or sbd gets a new token called blurt. blurt only has 1 currency instead of 2 on steem.
I don't think anyone is excluded that has steem.

birdinc is the name of the user here that is involved in this fork. he used to work for steemit inc but I don't know who else is involved in it. I have my doubts that it will be released given there is nothing about it out in the open.


Thanks for the detailed answer

Nice submission @mahdiyari! Native notifications would be great. https://developer.apple.com/notifications/, I gave the docs a quick glance.. have you worked on native notifications prior?

What a wonderful news then, just hoop in right away. Just excited, lol.. thanks

Fantastic. Really needed this.

Thanks, a nice easy way to follow what is happening with a few selected specific areas on an account. Well done.

Anything that ties the the continually decentralising social media landscape together the better. Kudos!

Oh, this will be awesome! Thank you!


Excellent work here on this.

A GINA alternative is certainly welcome, even if GINA is well implemented.
Well played with creating an alternative. The GUI is simple and proper.

Very Well thanks!

Hive is the way forward.Active curators are here now more than steem