A Night Promoting Hive and Unveiling Retzark: The Block & Chill Event in Davao City

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A Night Promoting Hive and Unveiling Retzark: The Block & Chill Event in Davao City


The Third Party Bar and Resto in Davao City recently hosted an exciting event called Block & Chill, featuring talks on various Web3 projects. I had the opportunity to discuss the Hive.io blockchain and introduced @retzark, an upcoming game built on Hive.io to an enthusiastic audience.

Hive.io Blockchain: Advantages and Features

During my speech, I highlighted the numerous advantages of Hive.io, including its unique key system, which allows users to reset their keys and provides varying levels of access based on the type of key used.

Additionally, I talked about the decentralized nature of Hive, with Witnesses elected by the community and easily replaceable if they go against the community's will. I also emphasized Hive's speed, with 3-second block times and zero-fee transactions, made possible by the resource credit system.

After my speech, I gave away around 450 $HIVE to approximately 20 people who onboarded to Hive through Join.D.Buzz.


Retzark: A New Play-to-Earn Experience

After discussing Hive.io, I introduced @retzark, a unique play-to-earn game combining elements of battle cards and poker. I shared how players can collect cards and compete for rewards in Ret and Zark tokens. I also showcased the game's visuals, including the battle effects, and the rich world of Retzark, with over 160 characters, each with their own story, and four distinct factions.

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Promoting Retzark and Building a Community

Retzark's development is nearing completion, with a launch planned in the next two months.

To promote the game and engage the community, the Retzark team has been blogging the characters' stories and sharing daily updates on social media.

In-person meetups, like the Block & Chill event, also help spread the word about Retzark and its exciting gameplay.



The Block & Chill event in Davao City was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the potential of Hive.io and showcase the upcoming Retzark game. With its unique gameplay and engaging world, Retzark has the potential to become a prominent player in the play-to-earn gaming space.

For more information about Retzark, visit the website at Retzark.com, check out their welcome blog post on PeakD and find everything you need to know about HIVE on Hive.io.


Thank you @valueplan for sponsoring the event and thank you SunStar for interviewing @nathansenn and @chrisrice.


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Wow impressive presentation Nathan but the best things of all was the demonstration of how fast Hive transaction was. Good Job!

Thank you for supporting @dbuzz Ed.. be sure to vote on our Hive Proposal if you haven't already :

We will bring people Power to Hive 😃


Done voting @chrisrice looking forward for greater things to come and brighter future ahead of us with the help of DBuzz and other Hive Dapps.

Yes, 💯.

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Nice speech! I love to see more of the Hive-based meet-ups! I think it's good to bring & teach more people about the Hive blockchain. By learning Hive, one thing is that you can learn so much more all at the same time... 😍

Yes, 💯 there is learning and earning without the need to invest, unless you are a professional.

And everyone gets to determine for themselves if they are a "professional investor" or not.


In about two weeks it would be good to do a new round of #Podcast guesting @unklebonehead.

I have been interested in having @nathansenn talk on @scaredycatguide and other shows but have not yet been booked.

Pick the Tuesday coming up and @allentaylor & I can make it happen for Defluenced!

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Perfect.. can you kindly remember the time zone and time of the #Defluence podcasts?

I might ask @nathansenn to join this coming Tuesday if it's open.

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Eastern daylight savings time

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Are the episodes 4:00 PM EST?

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No we record at 515pm EST.

Great job, @nathansenn! It takes a lot of courage to speak in front of an audience, especially about something you're passionate about. Your enthusiasm for Hive.io and Retzark was contagious, and it's clear that you made an impact on those who attended the event. It's also impressive that you were able to give away 450 $HIVE to people who onboarded to Hive through Join.D.Buzz. Keep up the good work in promoting these projects and building a community around them. Your efforts will surely pay off, and Retzark could become a significant player in the play-to-earn gaming space.

Happy to be !ALIVE

Thank you, Sir.

I'm currently scheduling the next round of in-person talks for @nathansenn with support from @valueplan (their team supported our ability to have @nathansenn speak and travel to the Q1, 2023 events).

And we just published a Hive Proposal :

We appreciate any and all support and will be releasing a new User Interface for https://D.Buzz within 24 hours.

@nathansenn! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @old-man-chu58. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Great work on this, spreading the word!

Thank you @stickupboys.

I am scheduling @nathansenn's next event talks, and @valueplan has been of great help in this regard.

We just submitted a new Hive Proposal, and it's our first :

I appreciate any and all support and am still interested in @nathansenn talking to your team on one of your videos.

nice one we already voted, keep up the good work!

Thank you! 🔥

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great work, keep it up!

Thank you @saltycat

The DBuzz team just submitted a Hive Proposal :

And will be releasing a new User Interface within 24 hours.

It's always a pleasure seeing so many people gathering together to promote Hive further. This place deserves to be known by more guys out there that every single step made toward that direction deserves appreciation. So thank you for that! <3

Thank you too Gabriela.

Our team will release a new User Interface for DBuzz today and I'm already scheduling the next line of in-person event talks with the help of @valueplan.

This looks awesome! Keep up the great work! The further Hive spreads and the more penetration it gets in places all over the world, the better it is for us all. Can't wait to read more about the future of Hive in the Philippines.

Yes, you are 💯 right.. and the #Philippines and #Vietnam are both hotbeds for large crypto events.

I am scheduling @nathansenn's next in-person event talks today, and the DBuzz team just submitted a Hive Proposal.

Any and all support would be greatly appreciated.

Excelente! Que genial.
Ojalá en mi ciudad hubiesen más eventos como estos más seguido.

Thank you @joanm897.

We will release a new interface later today, and submitted a Hive Proposal a few days ago.

A great promotional event and game looks very impressive.

Thank you @lordshah

I look forward to the launch of https://retzark.com and :

  • DBuzz will release an enhanced User Interface today.

  • DBuzz just submitted a Hive Proposal for the first time.


Congrats on the DBuzz's upgraded version. Let's read the proposal.

I also suggest you to contact @powerpaul of CCCEO to talk about a joint promo thing.


Thank you! I will contact @powerpaul.

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Try the discord so you can talk about games only.

Hi @powerpaul.

May I kindly know if you have heard about D.Buzz ?

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The event looks so happy and the people here look satisfied with that. That is great.

Thank you @whitebean :

  • I am lining up more in-person events for @nathansenn to speak at now 😃

Retzark looks really interesting. Thanks for putting it on my radar.


You're welcome and thank you too.

No worries.

Have you happened to use D.Buzz before?

It will be integrated with https://Retzark.com

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I'm pretty sure I used D.Buzz years ago. I believe I first saw it on Steemit.com.

Integrating with Retzark is very interesting. Good stuff.

Yeah, and other games could also be integrated with D.Buzz via #Honeycomb

BTW, may I kindly know if you have already reviewed the #Hiveproposal by #DBuzz?

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How many jazz musicians does it take to replace a lightbulb?
A-one, a-two, a one-two-three-four!

Credit: reddit
@nathansenn, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @epearson

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Click to delegate: 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 HP

Promotion of the Hive platform and a new game. It is interesting news.
I hope you have a lot of success in the promotions.
Much encouragement.

Thank you @soltecno best wishes to you and your family.

Right on I really can't wait until I'm able to travel more as I'd love to go to Philippines and check this out.

Super awesome thank you very much for sharing!

100% and let's do our best to meetup once you do.

Thank you!

You're welcome.. BTW.. what do you think about the new version of https://d.buzz ?

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I'm on ecency so I don't know?

Ah okay, we rolled out a new User Interface.

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i wanna do this for san diego and have a tent set up and my car wrapped or added dbuzz stickers etc

May I kindly know if you already reviewed the Hive Proposal by #DBuzz?


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Thank you @theguruasia

BTW, may I kindly know where in Asia you reside?

I am living in Sri Lanka - A South Asian country

Ah okay.. is #Theravada the number one life #Philosophy taught there?

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Nice! I am studying and practicing the #EightFoldPath 😊

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Genial. En mi país estas cosas no pasan 🥲.

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Esos son hermosos momentos que se disfrutan en tiempo real y jamás se olvidan.
Buen trabajo @nathansenn

Great job man. Thanks for introducing hive.io
and P2E game Retzark.🔥 I hope you had a great evening there.


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Thank you @meta007, and I noticed your username is similar to @landrover007.

Hehe well come but I don't know anyone called landrover007 🤣🤣

He's one of the #Hive and #DBuzz users I met in La Union, Philippines.

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Both of your usernames end in 007.

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Being a part of this event was amazing different platforms and ideas and the Hive was my favorite Topic
Shoutout to the Co-Founder that did a great job

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@nathansenn The King loved this speech and the information you presented! Well done!

The Kingdom appreciates that you "put your money where your mouth is."

You are a leader by example, and planet Earth requires more of this!

The Kingdom sends


Hi King,

And thank you.. did you get windows of the Hive Proposal by @dbuzz and @nathansenn yet?

I appreciate any and all feedback.

Hello Chris,

The kingdom voted for the proposal.

All the best in your continued success.

Thank you too!

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Loks great, one daiu maybe i figure out how to eant somethink like you :)

Thank you @ilovegames and catchy username.

The DBuzz team and @nathansenn just published a Hive Proposal :

Your support and feedback would be greatly appreciated.