Vessel Update v0.4.2 - Exchanges / Auths / CLI prep

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Vessel Update v0.4.2 - Exchanges / Auths / CLI prep

Release v0.4.2 of Vessel adds support for more exchanges that support Hive as well as lays the necessary framework for allowing the user to adjust their key/account auths via the wallet.

This release is just a preparation for a larger release that has been in the works for the past couple weeks that will include a bridge that will support hardware wallet integration. A lot of the work for Hive integration with Ledger hardware wallet has been done which is a big project that Vessel will play a very important role in. More information on this particular addition to come soon..


As a quality of life improvement, a status bar addition has been made to show which type of network (Hive/Steem/Unknown) the user is connected to. This is necessary because Vessel is capable of supporting wallet management on any Hive based chain.

Screen Shot 20200503 at 9.11.59 PM.png

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Nice, looking forward to seeing the full update :)

Ok... noob question:

so now, we need our Hive on the official Hive wallet on the blockchain to retain our voting power...

With the Ledger integration, would the Hive still stay linked to our same account and retain the same voting power, or be on a totally different address?

Of course I am not @netuoso, and I am not an expert in any way, but the way I believe this will work is, that your owner and active key (probably not the posting key, because using the ledger at least a dozen times a day for voting and commenting seems very inconvenient) will be stored on the hardware wallet, and only there.
If you want to change your keys or transfer Hive or Power Up/Down et cetera, you'll need to confirm that operation with your hardware wallet. The Hive will still be on your account, just the keys will be stored in a different manner. (At least that's what I believe)

Yes, that's right. The keys will be derived from the 24-word recovery seed using BIP44 derivation path (I think).

I used to work on this last year (which was paused as I was busy with other stuff) but then I did not know someone worked on it already a few months ago until today. Now that project of mine is obviously dead for good 😅

Awesome. 😎

Yes very exciting! Big fan of Vessel! About to download it now.

Looking forward to the hardware wallet integration!

This is great news! I agitated for the same feature on Steem but it never happened. So glad someone is taking Hive to a place where it can be stored outside of the front ends and away from exchanges. Can't wait to see Hive on my Ledger!

This is exciting!

really Awesome, good job

Thanks for the update.

Great news, exciting times ahead

Great looking project

Wow... I'm really impressed. If HIVE makes it on Nano Ledger, this would be f*cking huge. Good work man.

Thanks for the update

Can in near future dev make an androud wallet with easy key management.. also some mechanism so that new bloggers get attention ..thanks you are doing wonderful work ☺️👍

That is nice, I've been considering getting a hardware wallet for the past month or so, and one of the reason I haven't is I'm not aware of any that supported HIVE.

Would be nice to have somewhere to secure my HIVE when I want to trade some on exchanges and leave it liquid.

A lot of the work for Hive integration with Ledger hardware wallet has been done which is a big project that Vessel will play a very important role in.

Woah! Hardware wallet support has been on my wishlist since I first got a Steem account. Is the idea that the owner key would live on the device, with the ability to export the posting, active, and memo keys?

User will be able to configure any of their keys to be on the Ledger, or they can optionally configure a key that isnt on the Ledger.

So yeah I imagine owner key at least and maybe active key would be good living on Ledger. Posting/memo key maybe safe to be in a password manager like Lastpass.

Cool! That design makes sense to me.

Do you anticipate other wallets besides Vessel will be able to use the hardware wallet? Hive Keychain support would be convenient.

Posting/memo key maybe safe to be in a password manager like Lastpass.

Nice. BTW I've switched from Lastpass to Bitwarden. Bitwarden is open source and has a nicer interface and design.

Yeah there are already javascript libraries to interact with ledger so I am sure Keychain and others could adapt when it is working.

Is there a code repository where I can follow the progress here? Is the right place?

Nice... I will sure try mine =)

This is great, thanks for adding a range of exchanges, including non-kyc options, to the Send Funds page. This is a huge improvement as I think the previous options were really outdated - poloniex, lol.

Also, I know you've previously mentioned that Vessel is still compatible with Steem, and the wallet users just need to switch APIs the Settings in order to toggle from one to the other. Would it be difficult to add a default API for each chain as sometimes regular users forget where to connect? Just an idea. (The Hive default is there, ofc).

One more reasons to use a Ledger over a Trezor, lol, seems like Ledgers are the first choice for integration, and really, I think this is justified. Any chance of a Trezor integration down the road?


Pretty cool thing to see HIVE on a piece of hardware that keeps it safe. Another way to liberate the way we keep our crypto and one way to have the HIVE available when we need it.