HiveHub Updates: Auto Selection of best node, Sting Chat notifications, Peak Vault, and MORE

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HiveHub just got an upgrade!

In our latest updates on HiveHub, we pushed a couple of new features that the Hive community will surely love. In this post, we will talking the latest features and implementations that we have on HiveHub for the Hive community.


  • Auto selection of best node for Hive and Hive Engine
  • Minor fixes to market
  • GLS 2nd layer validation
  • Notifications now available on Sting Chat (read more)
  • Peak Vault integration is coming soon on HiveHub
  • Two WIP projects: Token Routes and Multisign

Keep reading below to know more about these latest Hivehub updates!


Auto selection of best node for Hive and Hive Engine

Another update that we have for the Hive community is we enabled an option on HiveHub settings to automatically choose the best node when determining which API node is used to read information from the Hive blockchain and Hive Engine.

To enable this feature, you just have to go to your settings (as shown in the screenshot below), and then toggle the Hive API and Hive Engine API Node in the settings.

How to go to Settings

As you can see in the example below, we have the settings for Hive API Node set to Auto (best node) and the Hive Engine API Node to Manual.

Enable/Disable auto selection of Hive and HE API Nodes

Minor Fixes to Market

Next update on Hivehub is we pushed a fix to minor issues encountered in the market.

Recently some users have experienced troubles while browsing and using the market, related to some problems of the CoinGecko API that seems to block some users. We included a fix to use witnesses values instead of coingecko values on market pages when CoinGeko API doesn't work properly, and we also included a warning for a better user experience.

Warning and use of witness feed prices

Genesis League Sports 2nd layer validation

With the support of the GLS team that provided us with the API we implemented the 2nd layer validation visualization for the app. This will enable a better user experience and ensure the integrity of data and transactions.

GLS 2nd layer vlidation example

Sting Chat Notifications are here

Couple of days ago, we went ahead and announced an exciting development for Hive's messaging app, Sting Chat. The Hive community can now see notifications when someone is messaging them on Sting Chat. This is of course available on HiveHub, so when you are doing market transactions, and using all the other cool features on HiveHub, you will be informed right away when someone pings you 😉

Sting notification on HiveHub

Full post about Sting chat notifications update here.

Peak Vault integration coming soon on Hivehub

Another huge update to look forward to is being able to use Peak Vault. We previously announced that we are working on a new fully functional wallet for Hive. We don't want to spoil too much about Peak Vault (more details post about Peak Vault coming soon), so we'll just give you a glimpse for now of how Peak Vault's login page looks like. has been updated so every action can be done using PeakVault and internally most of our team use Peak Vault Wallet for everything we do on the site.

Login page to access your Peak vault

Work in Progress: Token Routes and Operation Creator

Lastly, we would also want to share with the community that we have these two projects that we are currently working on: Token Routes and Multisign.


Token Routes sample interface

The main idea behind token routes is for the Hive community to be able to have a tool that can help them in determining the best route when swapping their tokens. This way, you can be more efficient when transferring and swapping your tokens from Point A to Point B.
There will be a heavy focus on Hive and Hive-engine related tokens since this is a project meant to help the Hive community but then also to draw attention to Hive as we expand to add more data, tokens and functions.


Another feature that is coming soon on HiveHub is the ability to create operations whether multisign or not. This feature will help in creating transaction in an easy way and by making them more secure by requiring additional signatures before the transaction can be broadcasted.

Operation Creator interface

Getting excited for these two projects? Don't worry, we will be releasing a separate post in the future that talks in detail on how to use token routes and multisign tool 😉


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