Notifications now available on Sting Chat!

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Hey Hive community! We are very excited to share an exciting development about Sting Chat. When we first announced Sting Chat on Hive, we heard a lot of great feedback and suggestions on how we can improve messaging on Hive. A commonly requested feature was having a notification system that alerts you when you get new messages. And now, it's here!

Sting Chat.png

Messaging on Hive just got even better

Frontends now have the tools needed to visually alert their users when someone sends you a direct message, tags you, or continues a conversation with you, basically when you get mentioned. We've made it easier for you to stay in the loop and connected with various threads and DMs from the other members of the community through this notification alert that you can see on the Sting chat icon. The bee icon will now turn from white (no new notifications) to yellow with the number of the new messages that are waiting for you.

Sting Chat notifications in PeakD

Whether you are writing a post on PeakD, checking the Explorer on or managing your Splinterlands assets on PeakMonsters you can now easily notice new messages and quickly engage with them.

Sting Chat notificatons with new unread messages

Whether you are checking the Explorer on HiveHub, writing a post on PeakD or managing your Splinterlands assets on Peakmonsters you can now easily notice new messages and quickly engage with them.

Sting Chat Messaging Interface showing DMs

Most UIs will integrate the following: you open the Sting Chat widget the bee icon will turn white ready to notify you... it will turn yellow as soon as you get a new notification.

Sting chat notification without new messages

So what are you waiting for? Go and send messages through Sting chat to all your friends and users in Hive. Let's see those notifications in action!

You'll find it available in PeakD and, and soon also in PeakMonsters (with the next official update).

As always, feel free to connect with us through Sting Chat or leave us a comment on this post if you encounter new issues, and for any feedback that you have about this feature. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
And if you want to integrate Sting Chat in your web app and would need any help, please reach us out.


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I haven't used that feature myself yet (not more than just trying it out quickly), but I would love for this to catch on.

I think a solid notification system is vital to being used a bunch.
Of course discord does have the headstart where they have an APP that has a good push notification system to the devices we always have with us. haha

Good stuff. I !luv it and will be playing with it.

Is it possible to have Sting Chat embebed in a php file on a web2 site? I am a newbie when it comes to coding but I was able to create a basic chat for my members. It would be awesome if I could embed my PEPT community chat on my web2 site. No need to reinvent the wheel. !lol

Yes, the chat can be embedded on web2 site: there is a tutorial on how to embed the chat at .
Now a question for you is: what is your actual use case? If you do embed it as shown in link above, your members (they do not have hive account right?) could still chat via guest accounts and participate with conversations in communities that allow guest accounts.
If the above is okay for your use case, it is very easy to embed it.
If you would like to create a chat space that would be only for your users and not users on hive, then you could run a backend messaging node that would not connect to the main network, you could then allow/disallow who can create guest accounts/further modify it. However, the current front-end is still quite dependent on hive communities as each hive-community represents a chatting community (which is not an issue if you'd need just one, you'd be able to create it or if you'd use a custom frontend, it would take more effort to add the ability for guests to create them).
Other than that, direct messages, group messages would work fine.

If the above is okay for your use case, it is very easy to embed it.

Yes starting with guest is fine for now.

Thank you very much.

I did a copy/paste of the code you provided, saved as php file and ran it on my localhost but I did not see a chat box.

I will review the tutorial.

Thanks again.

@mirafun I am making some progress so I try and do some customization via tutorial.
Mucj appreciated.

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It was just so lava-able.

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I'm not sure let's ask
@yozen @mirafun

Does this work on mobile UI using the Hive keychain browser? I have not tried of course.

Basically yes, but for small screen size it is not a friendly user experience.

I can't send anything :( Trying clicking send or enter and nothing happened.