Peak Open Projects - Update #1

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Authored by @asgarth

When we announced our proposals a few weeks ago we introduced some of the projects that we believe will benefit the whole Hive ecosystem. This post is the first in a series of updates that we plan to publish regularly to keep you up to date on our work.

But before diving into the details our team would like to thank the whole community for the support we received on the proposal and all the feedback and suggestions 🙏

Update #1

All projects (as soon as we consider them good enough for a first release) will be made available on our GitLab:
You can already see a couple of projects we mentioned in our proposal, the others will be available soon.


Developer: @asgarth

Some of the projects we are working on will be more useful for the users if they can be accessed from a single app/website. For this reason we created a modular platform that allow us to host multiple products into the same codebase. This new platform is

We would like to stress that this open source code is not meant to exist only in one location... we hope to see other developers or projects integrate the code in various ways and contribute to it.


Recent activities:

- Initial project setup [COMPLETED]
- Upgrade project structure to support multiple modules [COMPLETED]
- Integrate framework for state management [WIP]
- Allow more configuration options [UPCOMING]

Next Gen. Block Explorer

Developers: @yozen, @asgarth. Feedback and UX: @jarvie

Most of our efforts are currently on the Block Explorer. The idea is to offer the same set of features already available in other similar explorers while at the same time add support for 2nd layer app/projects. Some screenshots of what you can expect to see in this new website:


Recent activities:

- Witness page [COMPLETED]
- Proposal page [COMPLETED]
- Block details [WIP]
- Transactions details [WIP]
- Account details and activities [WIP]

Hive Internal Market

Developers: @igormuba, @asgarth. Feedback and UX: @jarvie

Work on the internal market interface was not originally planned as part of our initial developments, but after an internal brainstorm session we decided to prioritize this project which we expect should not be a lengthy one. The idea is to create something slightly different from the existing market pages for the Hive internal market. Meaning very intuitive and yet several tools to give the market interface much more usability.
Expect some screenshots in the next update post :)

Recent activities:

- Hive Keychain integration [WIP]
- User authentication [WIP]
- Market page layout [WIP]

Sting Message Protocol

Developers: @igormuba. Research and suggestions: @asgarth

The team is currently researching the best technological stack to implement the core messaging protocol. We want to identify the best possible protocol before starting to work on the main implementation.
At the same time we are starting to define the format of the messages and how each message will be verified and validated by any backend, frontend, or peers that comply with the protocol and want to use on a different implementation than ours. Further update on this in the coming weeks.

We have talked to and hope to talk to any of the other developers working on ideas for a message/chat system on Hive ... The goal is for Hive to have the best system possible... If that's by our team that's great if another team truly has a decentralized and encrypted system that Hive users want and love that's wonderful, we could assist or move to one of our many other projects and/or integrate with Sting.


How to support the @peakd project

If you're a project looking to integrate one of these tools message us.
If you're a developer looking for a part time open source project message us.

We have been voted as a top block producer on hive (aka "witness"). You can add your vote for us on the main witness page our "witness" account is @steempeak


You can support our proposal to develop open source tools for the whole Hive community using one of the following links:

You can donate 5% of your Hive Reward Pool earnings to @peakd to help use improve the interface: Turn on in settings

We invite you to share and brainstorm some ideas with us:

The PeakD Team
About us:
Discord - Blog - Twitter - LinkedIn


A project doesn't need to be ready to be open source. What if a project doesn't get anywhere near being ready? The payment for the work is lost?
I think it is way better to start the projects as an open source from the ground.

Plan is to do it early next week. Just the time for me to do some cleanup 😆

Sweeping the house before the visitors arrive, right?


By ready it means at least minimally engineered, not necessarily complete, not by a long shot.

The block explorer had some architecture changes recently and Sting is more on a research stage, to test the possible paths to follow.

Once a stable and solid base is laid out, even if it is not "there yet", then it will be "there enough" to be open for people to contribute, fork, learn or whatever else they might need to code for.

You are right, even if something never "gets there" it should be open source, but not before it is minimally built because it may be counterproductive.

Anyways, the release of the code is almost here and it looks beautiful.

On a personal note, I have learned a lot by reading and messing with the code of "dead" old open source projects, but I haven't learned much from open source projects that were not minimally developed at least to a point I could understand what they were trying to do.

Is it a bad idea to show the progress of the development on a public repository? Exploring those possible paths is also part of the work done on the project and can be useful.

It is not bad, thecommit history will be public like the code, in case someone wants to see how the development went/goes.

It is just about the first experience when it gets released (which I especulate in less than 1 week but don't tell anyone I told you that).

But you are not wrong, I understand and like your train of thought!

Yep we'll get on that and do a post. Expect early next week.

Feature request: For the internal market, can you show a visual tracker of the HBD price on the internal exchange over time? Most people look at coingecko or coinmarketcap to see how well HBD's price holds and they see that it doesn't hold well at all. But neither of those sites tracks the HBD price on the internal market, where it holds peg really well. So only people who are really in-depth into things and know their way around the internal market and how to calculate the price there can see that the peg holds well. A widget that tracks HBD's price on the internal market would help with this a great deal, I think. And I guess that widget could be placed anywhere, including on PeakD.

Yea building an API for it, that other cointrackers can use would be great

You interested in doing that? They might be interested in supporting your work in case they're not able to do it themselves.

Peakd deliverning at best as usual ... great one guys!
Especialy glad about new block explorer and the internal market

Awesome stuff, good to see this get rolling!

Thank you and the developers for bringing it to the platform.I am looking forward to launching.
Best of luck for your project.

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really cool! Keep it coming :)

planning on it... for quite some time.

Thats nice, this could be an awesome project.

already is!! :)

Looking forward to a updated internal Market. Peakd is doing great

Hey, what kind of work available as a dev. It will be nice to work with peakd team

I wish that the block explorer would be more accessible to the hive users than the current ones. I find it a bit surprising that I basically have to set up my own hive node to get unrestricted access to my own data.

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Power Month - New Tracking Calendar
Our Hive Power Delegations to the May Power Up Month Winners
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Glad you are taking on the internal market UI.

lots of great development for the chain. well done! 🚀🚀🚀

Me parece una excelente idea la que se está planteando. Tienen mi apoyo

I am aware how fortunate I and other Hive users are to benefit from the hard work and good ideas of the Peakd team. I am deeply grateful today to be one of the beneficiaries of your developments.