Update 0.9.990 for hive-python, api node status

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Today I updated hive-python to support the upcoming HF24 with the new chain id.

Anyone using the library should upgrade before the hard fork (which hasn't been announced yet).

I only have a vague idea what a bumblebee ball python is, but there's no logo for hive-python

My api node needs to sync the hivemind again, so that's redirected to anyx for another few days. Apparently the muted list works retroactively even after removing someone, which shouldn't be the case. Hivemind devs are investigating.


Is http://hive.readthedocs.io really the correct docs, Does not look correct to me?

Nope, there aren't any public docs for it yet. http://steem.readthedocs.io can be used until there is.

which hasn't been announced yet

Is the code finished and (theoretically) ready for release?

hi @pharesim do the changes only concern the id chain?
Won't any program work anymore after the HF?

There's also some bugfixes (most notably in the witness_set_properties and the get_version calls).

The changing chain id means most libraries and software need an update. Keep watching for announcements for those you use, but don't stress it, the hard fork isn't even finalized yet.

ok, thank you so much :)

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