RC Delegation Tool

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RC delegation was added in HF26 and there are not many frontends yet, which support RC delegations. That's why I decided to write a simple tool myself. You can check it out right here: https://primersion.com/rc

This post will explain some details about it and how to use it.

A huge thanks to @louis88 for giving me the initial idea and for assisting me in UI / UX development for the frontend of the tool.


First of all when you visit the page you will need to login on the top left corner (within the drawer), by clicking on the login button, entering your username and clicking on login:

Now the RC delegation tool will load, which should look something like this depending on whether or not you already created RC delegations:

The top section shows your current RC depletion level.

The next section lets you create new delegations, with a few "quick-access" buttons for setting the delegation amount.

The delegated RC amount is shortened according to the following scheme:

1 G = 1,000,000,000
1 M = 1,000,000
1 K = 1,000

The last section shows a table with all your current RC delegations. The entries in the table may be filtered using the search field, which will search for the given username.

The table may be sorted by clicking on one of the table columns, but by default it is sorted in descending order acording to the delegated RC amount.
On the right side of the table there are some quick access buttons for editing / deleting existing RC delegations.

Keep in mind that deleting an RC delegation is equivalent to delegating an RC amount of 0.

The column to the left further allows you to select multiple entries at once and edit / delete them all at once.

Right now the tool only supports Keychain, but I may be adding Hive Auth support in the near future.

That's all - I already have a few improvements in mind, which will further improve the usability, so stay tuned for updates.

If you like what I am doing, please consider voting me as HIVE witness, so I can continue building more awesome stuff.


Nice, but how do I know how much to delegate? E.g. if I would want to delegate 30HP to make some transactions possible, how much is this in RC?

That's a good point ;) I will be changing it soon, so it will also display the equivalent HP amount. An update will follow later / tomorrow


This is great ! Thank you for building :)

The Rc delegation is a good one as that is why i can post, vote and interact without having HP right now through rc delegation from lovesniper ocd.

Hive is really a complex place for anyone who's new like me but at the sane time its exciting too.

It really is one of the best changes ever! Opens up so many new possibilities, especially for helping out new users.

This is an awesome new tool, @primersion

Thank you for sharing this, and thanks for all you do to promote the blockchain.


Thank you :)

I really love this tool and how the chain is slowly growing up and upgrading its skills! <3

Thank you! A few more improvements will be coming soon :)

Very good work my friend

Thank You So Much!
Looks Great!

thank you very much!
I will look into it :)