#Re-Introducing Myself @primwstacks1

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Greetings to everyone in the hive community, My name is Uju Tony Nwachukwu, I'm a full stack developer and my area of specialty is JavaScript really across both stacks. Frontend and Backend.

I'm also open for job offers ( remote jobs).
Below are my area of competence:

  • HTML, CSS, (including bootstrap and semantic UI), vanilla JavaScript, Node JS, express, ejs, passport for authentication, mongo db for database, Git and GitHub....

Keeping in mind that the road is unending, I press harder to improve and sharping my skills and striving for mastery and acquiring new skills to help keep me on track in the tech industry.. like React, React Native, next.js and Solidity for Blockchain programming...

I'm a Nigerian, a Computer Science undergraduate student...


It's been up to two months since I last posted on the hive community.
Coming back here to start making posts is really going to be a great thing for me.
I really did miss this community but I'm back.
Love you ❤️😗