My new contributions to the Hive Condenser

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I have been involved (voluntarily) with the development of the Condenser & Wallet apps (that are powering and for quite a while now. There are other great frontends to Hive out there such as and but I have always been more or less faithful with the Condenser.

This is a regular report on my new contributions. Some of the new work below might still be in test and not yet deployed.

Cover image selection

@lublujizn86 reminded us of a feature that would be helpful for the Condenser. Currently, when you create a blog, the first image in your post will be used as the cover image for the post summary in lists of posts. However, this is not always ideal, you might want use images in their chronological order to follow your story but the best image for your post might not necessarily be the first one.
Cover image selection

Merge request:
Bug fix to the initial work:

Post summary

When browsing a list of posts (trending, hot etc...), the Condenser usually displays an excerpt of the post which does not always make sense especially if you usually use a repetitive introduction such as the context section above. A post summary allows you to describe what your post is about in a succinct way.

Post summary

Merge request:

Fix @threespeak embedded player

ThreeSpeak changed their domain name URL structure a little bit and the Condenser needed to update its URL detection logic.

Merge request:

Fix CSS for displaying posts with title containing long words.

Thank you @game.player for raising this issue. This should now be solved.
Merge request:

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That's great!! is good to see that you're still making improvements

Cover image selector is a feature I've been hoping to see somewhere for a while, really looking forward to this!

You can already use it for posts, it just won't show up yet until the little bug fix is deployed

Keep up the good work!

Thank you

Always working steadily into the future!

Happy New Year 👍🌷💐🐈😻🎊🎉

Happy New Year 😄🎇

Ya! 🙏👍🌸🌹🌷😻😻

Don’t work too hard! Waiting for you to make a knight’ armory suit!! Hahaha.
Then you could proceed to make lance and swords!!

Wow, great features out there! Was thinking myself of doing something as well and I am tempted to work on the Condenser. Great to see it has the community devs’ support so workin in it makes that much more sense!

Would be good to have more devs participating

Good to finally see all these features on Condenser 👍 Thanks for your work @quochuy

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This is great idea bro.

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Excelent contribution

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