My new contributions to the Hive Condenser and Wallet apps.

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I have been involved (voluntarily) with the development of the Condenser & Wallet apps (that are powering and for quite a while now. There are other great frontends to Hive out there such as and but I have always been more or less faithful with the Condenser.

This is a regular report on my new contributions. Some of the new work below might still be in test and not yet deployed.

Add highlight syntax to code blocks in blog posts

There was a request for syntax highlighting on posts. We indeed have some developers sharing code on the platform. So I tested integrating PrismJS and HighlightJS. I picked HighlightJS due to the way it works nicely with the Condenser.

However, there were some concerns that HighlightJS package is 270KB+ which might be a problem for mobile phone users on a slow bandwidth. So this change might not get approved for deployment to production. See my next contribution below instead.

Syntax Highlighter

Merge request:

Supporting GitHub's GIST embeds

@good-karma suggested that instead of highlighting syntax, we could simply add support for GIST embedded views. GIST is a tool allowing you to share code snippets or data excerpts. It also has syntax highlighting so integrating it to the Condenser is lightweight.

There is one downside to the method though: old posts not using GIST won't have their code highlighted.

GitHub GIST embeds

Merge request:

Thank you @mahdiyari for helping with testing

Display votes value breakdown

Aren't you sometimes curious as to what is the $ contribution of a vote on your post? This little change adds vote value to the voter list of a post.

Votes value breakdown

Merge request:

Vote for my witness
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Thanks for the informative post and your work. I wish you success and all the best.

Nice work, how are you budd?

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