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RE: Hive Application for the Ledger Nano S/X Hardware Wallet

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Got it installed on my spare Ledger Nano S:

  • had to modify file to use python3 instead of python
  • had to disconnect / reconnect the device for the ledgerblue to detect it
  • had to modify to use the correct targetId as I updated to the latest firmware



This is awesome! I am improving the script now to assist with building and loading for any firmware version without editing the scripts.

lol nice tell @techcoderx his old proposal to get steem on ledger is done

Hey nice seeing hive logo on the ledger

but seems like waaaay too much work, let me know when i can just install the official ledger hive app, or have an eos styek solution, and i can have hive in scatter

if u could get hive on scatter like my proposal, and work with we can have hive DEX, just like newdex, and we can make buy and sell orders, no deposits and withdraws, all from our ledgers to confirm transactions . I do it with EOS and its really fun to make trades all using a hardware wallet , feels hi tech

I cant wait until we actually can use hive keychain with the ledger the way I use scatter with the ledger and newdex. Its like you press a little magical usb key and send crypto transactions. Also, we REALLy need a hive engine mobile wallet

I already knew it