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RE: Hardfork 24 progress last week

in HiveDevs10 days ago

Thank you for all the hard work team BT et all has done. Really curious how Hivemind progress finishes, as I think it's imminent for the continuation of the ecosystem as you have indicated yourself too. Rest assured I feel the devs are sane and on top of things, so maybe what I'm saying here is echo'ing in a chamber errrr... hive:

Although hiveD(aemon) would work & fork with a v1.24 fork on 22nd September, if that results in Hivemind being broken because of forking changes, leaving the hive-swarm with a less than optimal (or broken) user experience, I'm all for waiting until the whole stack is reliably working on HF24.

If users need to wait for fixes in the Hivemind (blockchain viewer optimalization software), and although the chain keeps running, it will still give a bad taste. Better to prevent that situation with a temporal HF date delay.