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Hello, I often use your explorer for hive-engine and I noticed a little bug (nothing serious actually). If an account do more transactions in a single block, the transactions are not sorted properly. If a transaction is at the start of the Hive block, it is executed sooner than the transactions below it... so in your explorer it should also be noticable that that specific transaction was executed before the other transactions in the same block.

It is happening mainly on some bots issuing tokens and it can also be seen on some trading bots.

Now I am looking more into it and this is also happening on the main page ( where it shows the latest block.

Thank you for your tool, it is very helpful for me.

EDIT: If I look on a specific block (, the order seems fine.


Hi, account history lists how HE processes transactions. For example is you post multiple operations in a single transactions then it should show the last to first in that order.

It might show properly the order of custom json txs that are put into one transaction, I am not arguing about that.

However, I was talking about multiple separate transactions that are in one hive block. Look for example at This bot once in a while cancel its orders and then make new ones. In separate transactions, however still in one block (most of the times). And the order of transactions are not always shown properly on your site (seems quite random).


5188974a6d00b5589c2ce3b944861d5c40b6c7b1 (newer according to your explorer as it is above the second one)
0b3ddccb88a9125b13cd5e313a6b8ae0783209b2 (older according to your explorer) (6th tx in the block 44,149,975) (9th tx in the block 44,149,975)

The transaction that is newer according to your explorer is actually closer to the start of the Hive block, so it is executed sooner and so is "older".

It just seems weird to see this bug, not really urgent thing to fix.

May be that is how HE processed and saved it into the account history.

Again, that is not the case. If you look at, you can find out that this bot has majority of its assets in orders. The bot needs to cancel the previous order to have enough assets to create a new one. If the HE firstly tries to process the transaction that makes a new order, it should mark that transaction as invalid as the bot would not have enough assets to make that order.

If you do not want to fix this, just say so. I just wanted to let you know that this little bug is actually happening.