HF25 is LIVE! 🎉

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A few minutes ago, at 14:00:00 UTC, Hard Fork 25 was triggered!


I ( @someguy123 ) produced the 6th block (4th one in the log was @aggroed who's temporarily producing on my node as he was unable to get a HF25 node up in time), and the lucky @arcange produced the 1st HF25 block :)

So far no problems, and hopefully everything runs smoothly, but users may notice minor issues across some platforms over the following days, as some RPC nodes may not be ready yet, and certain applications may need to be updated to support to HF25.


You are doing noble
We will be expecting further informations on the remaining nodes.
Thank you for this information.

It's been a successful hardfork. First time I produce such an HF block. I should create a badge for it 😜

Cool! I see some new features in peakd. Will be interesting to see what differences it makes.

Thanks for your service.


Looks the less problematic HF till now!
Excellent work, thanks!

Yes Indeed


Happy hard fork 25, have a


When recurring payments in hbd for vps? ^>^

When I do the collaterializedConvert operation, is there a debt mechanism that can be paid back somehow or is it permanent like with the Convert operation?

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Thank you, @someguy123, for supporting my post on Covid/vaccination & amplifying the voice of sanity 🙏🏽

I hope this finds you in good health and my posts continue to be meaningful for you. Cheers, Yahia

Excellent work ! You are doing great 😜

Nice work! I am loving HF25 thanks for all your efforts @someguy123



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Is beeanon.com down?

Can you make an interface that does this?