Debuting Nebulon: Celebrating My First NFT Journey! | FREE NFT GIVEAWAY

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2nd Anniversary of Spiky Alien!

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of my digital artwork, 'Spiky Alien,' a vibrant journey from creation to becoming an NFT on the Wax blockchain! Back on April 16, 2022, I unleashed 'Spiky Alien' on, where it caught fire with the community, racking up 100 votes and earning a cool 23.69 Hive. What a thrilling start to its interstellar tale!

I can still feel the buzz of excitement from the day 'Spiky Alien' was featured and curated by the Alien Art Hive Community. You can relive that magic here, adding an extra layer of stardust to its grand debut.

Now, fast forward to this cosmic celebration on April 16, 2024, where 'Spiky Alien' transforms into an exclusive NFT under the collection 'Filipino Artists and Their Masterpieces,' rocking the schema name 'jonjundesign.' 'Spiky Alien' officially embraces its new identity as 'Nebulon' in the NFT universe.

Notably, I am honored to be the first artist featured in the Filipino Artists and Their Masterpieces collection, making 'Nebulon' even more special in this groundbreaking moment. Here's the NFT created by Filipino Artists and Their Masterpieces as proof that I am the first artist of the project under the schema Artists: Link to Proof NFT


Additionally, here is my NFT business card, showcasing my social accounts and contact information, still proudly residing within the Filipino Artists and Their Masterpieces collection under the schema name jonjundesign: Link to NFT Business Card


To celebrate this momentous occasion, I'll be giving away 10 copies of my NFT business card and 10 Nebulon upper body NFTs to the first 10 people who comment their Wax wallet addresses below!

'Filipino Artists and Their Masterpieces' is an immersive and inspiring project dedicated to showcasing the extraordinary talent and creativity of Filipino artists in the Wax blockchain. This platform serves as a digital gallery where art enthusiasts, collectors, and admirers from around the world can discover, appreciate, and collect a diverse range of artworks crafted by Filipino artists.

The jonjundesign schema within Filipino Artists and Their Masterpieces is specially made for all my artworks, ensuring a cohesive and unique experience for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The name 'Nebulon' was crafted with care, blending elements of "nebula," mirroring the cosmic swirls around its eyes, and "eon," hinting at timeless significance. This fusion captures not just the artwork's cosmic vibe but also its enduring impact.

'Nebulon' packs a futuristic punch, perfectly aligning with its extraterrestrial essence, and adding an extra dose of intrigue to the mix.

This transition marks a stellar milestone as 'Nebulon' becomes my inaugural NFT artwork under its new alias.

The artwork itself is a testament to my boundless creativity, featuring a captivating spiky alien bursting with intricate details and vibrant colors that scream out-of-this-world allure. Each NFT comes with its own certificate of authenticity, ensuring its rarity and individuality.

Link to 'Nebulon' NFT on NeftyBlocks


And let's not forget the NFT rarities and their cosmic counts:

  • Bronze rarity boasts a maximum supply of 99.
  • Silver rarity shines bright with a maximum supply of 27.
  • Gold rarity gleams with a maximum supply of 10.
  • Lastly, the illustrious Diamond rarity stands alone with a maximum supply of 1.

Reflecting on this epic journey, I'm overflowing with gratitude for the love and support 'Spiky Alien'/'Nebulon' has garnered. It's a cosmic carnival today, inviting fellow art lovers and collectors to join me in celebrating this digital masterpiece and the limitless horizons of NFT art!