“The solution is very easy” .. Google “tracks” you even when you stop “registering sites”

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If you use any of the Google applications, your location is not safe, even if you turn off the geolocation feature in your Google account.
CNET says that Google knows where you are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even if you turn off the "Geolocation History" feature because some applications will continue to save your data, and just open the "Google Maps" application or use the search feature, Your approximate location will be recorded.
This is confirmed by “Google Support”, which says that turning off your location history only removes where you were from the Google Maps timeline feature, which records your location at a specific time, but “some location data may still be saved in other settings” such as Web and App Activity.
The company told Cnet that it uses this data to make the data provided to the user more personalized, but it does not share this information with third parties or advertisers.
The report provides steps a user can take to prevent Google from knowing your location, but says that this will come at the cost of losing personalized data, such as finding nearby businesses, seeing personalized ads, and search recommendations.
These steps are as follows: Log in to your Google account and select “Manage your Google account”, in the “Privacy” box, select “Manage data and privacy”, scroll down to “Activity controls”, and there check the “On and in web activity” box Applications" is off.
This choice will prevent Google from storing data about your approximate location and other places you go, and information collected from searches or other activities.
"It keeps your approximate location and other places you go, like your home address," the location report says.