Something's Coming... How To Thrive! [more teasers & sneak-peeks]

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My first post was to tell you all something new is coming.

My second post was to give insight into what I think the next bullrun will look like.

This post will be showing a bit more insight into what a crypto space such as Hive needs to thrive.

To Thrive, You Need To Be Alive...

#HiveIsAlive is a pretty great catchphrase we've got going on around here. I love how different it is from most other crypto communities & projects. It's straight to the point & explains what we are: A lively group of people!

There's so many great things on Hive, it's sometimes tough to keep track of them all!

I will soon be releasing a simple website that will contain a curated list of all the fun dapps, events, communities, and initiatives that make Hive so alive.


Part handy-resource, part widget-dashboard, will soon be the go-to place to experience something new & unique & fun on Hive 😁

stay tuned for further announcements, I'm planning on releasing within the next month or two

To Thrive, You Need To Drive...

People are mobile nowadays more than ever before. In this day & age, if you don't have an app, you are miles behind everyone else.

While there have been some work in the mobile app scene on Hive, it just hasn't progressed to where it needs to be. Although, we do have a number of teams & promising developers making good progress overall. (plus, the more the merrier!)

Codename: HiveBrew
This project actually started out back when we were still going by that... s-word. But after all the drama happened, I shelved it temporarily to focus on some other work.

I'm happen to say that it's back on track & is being worked on as we speak. A complete mobile app experience for Hive that offers everything you need, and then some!


Mobile wallets are all well & good, but you know what's even better than just checking your balances on the go? Having full & unrestricted access to everything Hive has to offer. I'm talking:

  • Complete Wallet Functionality
  • Blogging Tools
  • Feed & Community Exploring
  • DM-based Chat Messages
  • Dapp Stores

Yes, Dapp Stores. Finally, a way to quickly & easily browse all the games & services that are powered by Hive, right in your pocket!


Explore via categories, friends lists, and more, to find your next favorite Hive-enabled game!

HiveBrew is a rather large project, and as such will be in development for awhile. I have a different bigger project that will launch first, but afterwards it's full steam ahem... Full Hive ahead! Alpha launch will happen this year!

To Thrive, You Need To Survive...

Finally, it's time to touch on one of the more powerful products I'm currently working on. I'm still going to be semi-tight-lipped about it, but don't worry: It's launching sooner than you may think!

On Hive, we have an amazing opportunity to be the greatest blockchain for dapps & games.

@battlegames recently shared their thoughts on the news of 0xgames shutting down: The End of 0xGames | What Can be Learned From Their Hardships?

Hive can be a huge leap forward for developers that are used to the "old" way of making dapps.

The new project I'm working on takes hold of this amazing potential, and rockets it to new heights.

The most I'm comfortable saying about it for now is the following:

  • I'm working with an amazing team over at @lootkit, and we are making constant progress everyday
  • It will not only benefit Hive developers, but the entire Hive community as a whole
  • Even if you don't directly use the product, you will come into contact with it, I'm sure
  • It literally benefits every single HIVE holder, no matter if you use it or not

These are lofty promises, but the coolest thing is that I have no problem making them because the very nature of the project makes these things true. I'm so excited to show more soon, but for now... back to the labs!

Thank you all very much for reading. I'm so excited to have more & more to show you in the coming weeks, but for now I just want to thank you for riding this ride with me & following along the adventure. It's going to be a lot of fun :^)


Darn, looks like one of the empty niches I was planning on making a solution for will be filled in by you, do make sure you standardise anything new with proposals and such so other developers can make software that can work seemlessly with yours.

I also encourage you to open source any projects you release, open source is the foundation of every major cryptocurrency and there's a good chance cryptocurrency would have died out as a niche unheard of technology without it.

Oh? Which one?

And yes, for the projects that open up expansions, I'll make sure everything is very well documented & standardized so that developers find it a breeze to integrate & work with.

And trust me, I'm a huge fan of open-source. Everything I've announced in this post will be open-sourced and I hope to develop an active collaborating team around it :^)


A shout out would be nice :)

Can't wait!

Absolutely, the next blog I post should contain more info about this project (finally), and I will definitely include you & HolyBread in it!

I'll actually hit you up on Discord first to see if there's anything specific you want me to mention & promote, etc. :)

Super cool ! I am very exicited to see what amazment you roll out. :D


It's been a long time coming, but it's getting closer by the day, so I'm super excited to finally be able to announce it soon! :^)

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