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I had written this script a year ago for our @coingecko witness. Since Hive started traded on bittrex, we start to show the price of Hive, with that I decided to update the script to support Hive.

For more info about Hive price

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Hive-Price-Feed is a forked from Steem-Price-Feed, which allows witness to use CoinGecko's websocket and API to update Hive prices, I had manage to test the script, it seems to be working fine on Hive blockchain check tx 7b3e513afe79e4f8835e8841314a44bec214b727.

Right now, this script support 2 RPC, which is and /

Do share with me if any reliable RPC node to be added into this script.

Why this script is created?

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Steem price feed is a tool for witness for pulling price data from and publish the price feed. It used CoinGecko WebSocket for real time steem price and also REST API method as a fallback.

We recently launched our witness and we realize that most of the price feed tools are cron job written to check the price; therefore, we decided to write this script with our web socket, which means it will update price accurately instead of a cron job. The script will restart automatically on failure with docker or pm2.

What is this price feed

One of the responsibility of witness is to update the Hive price from time to time so that HBD can work properly. I created this script so that witness can update the hive price using our API and websocket.

How do I run the script

Instruction is in the github repo , you can run with docker or just nodejs will do.


Hi nice work, good to see you're on this, hope all is well with you!

Thanks 😆
Things are moving so fast at this space, can't keep up from time to time.

Great work on this. Look forward to checking it out.