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Greetings #Hivers,

I've got some work done on, that I'd like to share with you.

Listed Exchanges

Most prominently, I've added exchanges that have listed Hive to the main page on


Scrolling down on you'll notice a dark-red background with lots of exchange icons. Clicking on an exchange will redirect the visitor to the Hive trading pair - USD/USDT when possible.

I've chosen dark-red, to make it seem more integrated into the white/light-grey/red color-scheme, while dark-grey/black is rather used in the footer area.

Hovering over an icon will also increase the opacity a bit, making it feel more "alive".

Adding new exchanges is very easy

1.) Add the logo of the exchange into src/assets/images/exchanges. Preferred is svg. png can also work, but make sure the background is transparent.
2.) Go to helpers/var.ts and add a new object into the EXCHANGES array. Make sure it's in the correct order (sorted asc).

The exchange will be automatically displayed. In case there will be too many exchanges sometime in the future, we can either 1.) only add those with a min. volume or 2.) have it as a preview with a link to a separate page.

Footer Improvements


Contact Email

I've added [email protected] with the Contact-alias into the About section of the footer.

Clicking on it will open up the native email program.

Smaller Improvements

  • Added Wiki entry that redirects to
  • Renamed "Join" to "Create Account"
  • Ordered the About section
  • Updated gitlab links to

Pull Requests

For issues, improvements or other things, please create an issue at

Also, remember that the code is completely open-source, so feel free to contribute.

Have a great weekend!




IONOMY was the very first marketplace for HIVE. They should also be available for selection.

Sequoir is also missing. Let's make a Pull Request.

ww also need multiple style sites... we need a hive fiundation site ... we need a spefial page on that explains the worker proposal system the way telos pimps out their WPS. BASICALLY copy and and for everything

And needs links to MOBILE QALLET so FORK ESTEEM and release a SEPERATE version for hive

Also we never publicly voted on the fucking fork but now that its fucking done u need ro not pussy foot around this and let us all sign a decelaration of indpendence from steem and explain the greiveances keep it light impersonal and vague so eveeyone can agree. We will also have artucles of confederation people xan sign if rhey dont want to sign a full blown later cobstutution but still want to participate. We xould even have a terms of sercife just for the proposal system but not fkr the blockxhain but hive.blig and peakd and front ends are like STATES who can decide their own policies of use....and the hive FOUNDATION and WITNESSES are the f3deral gov.... the blogchain will be the press which always is free but will BECOME A BRANCH of gov like PBS public broadcasting.... of free transactiona... for CITIZENS and not all users are citizena. Thats how we give extra rights to humans whej AI take over hah or we go starship troopersstyle where we have to earn ur hive account with military service and a test

By the way - can be added to create account section :)

Sure. You can either create an issue or ofc do it yourself :)

People can add stuff themselves?

Sure. That's the benefit of open source. Add something and then create a pull request. If everything is fine, @therealwolf can merge it.

HiveOnboard is already there! @roelandp merged @fbslo's change last night. 👍

Awesome 👍

Good Work @therealwolf, It will be very necessary not only for every hive user but also for every kind of person who are interested to join Hive Blockchain. Thanks a lot for your great contribution at all. Finally "EID Mubarak" from all Bangladeshi Hive Users.

its the little things that add up to big things!

I'd also like to contribute to the frontends(, How do I get started?

That looks great! Finally some landingpage that connects all important stuff.

Thanks for the work Wolfi!

Great improvements. This is work in progress. I dont know whether this encouragement is needed. I respect ths hustle towards the developement of hive..

Thanks for the great work @therealwolf! Upvoted!

The graphic at the top list show binance first, is it possible to change that to bittrex as they never shafted anyone as much

If an exchange starts with a or something else prior to bi, then they will be first. I didn't want it to be chosen subjectively but based on ascending order.

awesome, would prefer a black/grayish background color for the exchanges ribbon like used in the footer.

The empty Wallets column in the footer bothers me. I’ll try to make a pull request to populate it.

Easy access thanks

Thanks for information Hive

Coinbase would look nice in that list