- First Week Review

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Greetings #Hivers,

it's now been over a week since the inception of Hive, tho' I have to say, that with everything going on, it does feel a lot longer than a week.


Anyhow, over the week, I've got some chores done in regards to

Mostly improvements that are important for page-speed & analytics, visual improvements/bug-fixes such as the re-designed wallet-apps, as well as adding more apps/wallets.

For the full commit history, check out the link below (the repo is now also fully open-source 🎉)

Google Analytics

While the user-numbers were higher at the beginning due to the launch, served over 1000 unique users every single day.


The Google Analytics tracking id is now also on an account that I've created for Hive and that can be granted property-access to if needed.

Page Speed

Another important factor I've worked on is the overall page-speed.

A great tool to determine whether it's optimal is Googles' PageSpeed Insights

pagespeed.png /

Before I finish this post, I do want to mention that I'm not working on or The man putting in the hours for that is @roelandp. I've been working mainly on the primary page.

With this said:

Have a great Sunday!




Will there be a proposal for DHF (Decentralized Hive Fund) for
I would like to support it.

Yes, very soon! :)

GitLab, nice. Cool to see you guy are sticking to open-source on every aspect of development.

Successful first week, looking forward to Week 2.

a good start, now we have to focus on onboarding more users 👍

Doing gods work I see, keep it up! On a side note, when doing the analytics, how do you differentiate between the two Hives on Google? There must be some overlap.

The number look ok but we do need to get the word out there but we also need a quality product that will retain users, as I have said in the past a lot of people are just using auto votes and this can be more detrimental to a writer than not getting upvotes.

Now I know my vote does not carry much weight with just under 1k of hive power but I only upvote a post once I have read it and I believe it merits an upvote. I do look forward to the future of hive and I will power up every time I get a chance, everyone keep up the good work 🖖

I have been inspecting steem/database.cpp, trying to figure out why the feed price is not getting updated.

It's a median price; meaning the price is updated over 3.5 days.

Okay, thanks. So the price feed is delayed 3.5 days from the published witnesses' feeds. Crypto-winter is here again.

I may be mistaken, but I believe that it's not a delayed price, it's a moving average price.

Thanks for this great info. It's sad that Steemit censored the posts urging users to migrate over here, although not surprising. We can always go create our own short posts on Steemit talking about Hive – even if they get censored, they will be seen by some before they get taken down.

Thank you for continuing to work so hard for this community!

It can only get better and stronger by the day. As for the number of unique users, as long as we have projects that support content creators and Dapps that engages users, we will continue to see more improvements. To the success of Hive!

Great to see the progress, Hive is keeping me alive lol. Many thanks you guys for the sterling effort to keep Hive alive. We are with you in the Hive. Busy as a bee on our busy blogs, thanks to your build. Build it and they will come!

Keep up the good work, this info really helps

Could you provide more info from G.Analytics?

Most popular pages
User geo?

Thank you for what you do, @therealwolf! I appreciate you!
Be safe and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Sending you some bro-love because I always get upvotes from you :)


Considering how quick everything was done it is really going great!! I don't have any trouble with HIVE itself!! It however seems that PeekD is not working, as I cannot post from them, but I post 100% from Hive!!

There is 1 complain I do have as I did not get the Hive airdrop, I see my name is on the list, of people who should not get, but I don't know why it is the case. I now suffer to vote and comment as my RC runs out quickly!!