# GitPlait Scope Expansion(Reaching wide niches).

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Hi great community of Hive, we are happy to make this announcement. Over a couple of weeks, we have been planning on how to expand the niche of the GitPlait community without altering the initial purpose, which is for developers to collaborate and build. After several thoughts within the Gitplait team, we created a poll 7 days ago, and here is the results of the poll.

Most of the voters want to use the community to post other tutorials aside from the coding. The second set of people wants to see other people using the community, and the third wants to get a decent reward.

How we will solve these:

We consider these three options in our current plan.

1. We are expanding the scope of the community to receive more devs related contents and other technical works, such as:

  • Solutions/answers to developers(Engagement).
  • Support coding tutorials
  • Feature request and collaboration
  • Bug hunting (Open source apps GitHub & Gitlab)
  • Technical documentation
  • Technical analysis
  • Tutorials on apps/websites
  • Latest technologies

How these listed categories are open to user's style of post, except the Bug-hunting.

How to use Bug hunting (Open source apps GitHub & Gitlab)

  • Users are to report the bug issue (s) to the project main repository
  • The project must be active (Code update within 1 year)
  • The project owner must confirm the issue (s) before the user can publish.

That is all on Bug hunting.

2. More people will start using the community as we spread the scope across more technical aspects. This certainly solves the second set of people.

3. Everyone wants to get proper value for their effort. We understand that tutorials are tough work that deserves to be rewarded.

The @gitplait hold 1351HIVEPOWER, and we need delegations to support the quality works that will come in the community. As we’ve mentioned some weeks ago, @reazuliqbal will support the growth of this community and he will check to curate. Also, we have started a curation trail for the @gitplait, and we will be glad to see people following this trail. Link here...

The GitPliat community would like to appreciate @reazuliqbal for supporting the community/project.

Quality assurance

We understand the work in moderation. To ensure that only quality publications will get the right reward, we will add more moderators to our current mods to check for quality and plagiarism.

Furthermore, there will be a percentage of the vote for all publications coming to the community as we grow. However, that is not set for now as we have minor power to reward the community properly.


Our UI still looks the same, but we are already brainstorming on how we could make it better. For the time being, We will add more information and a bit of functionality to make it fun and more useful.

These will be all for the changes.

Thanks to our delegators


To delegate, use this links or adjust 10HIVE, 20HIVE, 50HIVE, 100HIVE, 200HIVE, 500HIVE, 1,000HIVE, 10,000HIVE, 100,000HIVE


Join the Community and let’s solve problems and build together.

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