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I normally don't have any issues sleeping, but we added a new member to the family and a lot went on today, so here I sit at 3:45am, writing a post because there's nothing better for me to do. We added a new member to our family yesterday afternoon.

Her name is Sage. She's four years old and she's an Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler mix. She's incredibly smart and did great with our two boys right away.

It didn't take long for her to settle in and adopt us as her new family. My in-laws came over to drop off some dog toys snd supplies they had leftover and she immediately went into guard dog mode. She initially wouldn't let my father-in-law near my youngest son, until she watched my son toddle over to "papa" and sit in his lap.

Her original owners had her sleep in a kennel at night, but we thought we'd give it a shot letting her roam the house. She seemed very eager to protect her new family and she's not in the puppy stage anymore, so why not? Other than a 2am surprise, where she slightly barked at my oldest son for startling her when he got up to go to the bathroom, everything has gone smoothly. She's currently sacked out on her bed, and I haven't seen any evidence of accidents, chewed up items she shouldn't have gotten into, etc.

So far she's enjoying her new home, and we're happy to have her as part of the family. 😁

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Yeah, she's a cutie, and she knows it. 😆

What a cute dog! Congratulations!

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Thanks! 😁

Congrats she looks and sounds like a great dog.


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Thanks! 😁


Aw, thanks! 😁

Such a cute dog!
My brother said he heard in a film that if you want a best friend, you should get a dog. I think that's true in most cases. 😅

She's definitely a sweetheart! That's definitely true, at least for us. 😁

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That's awesome congratulations to y'all she looks very cute I was actually considering getting some sort of pet when I went out with my boy yesterday we stopped by a pet store !BBH

Thanks! She's super smart and affectionate. 😁

You can't go wrong with pets.

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