FreeCompliments Community Post Rewards for February 7, 2024

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Happy day to everyone! This is a daily post listing all of rewards delivered to the posts written on the FreeCompliments Community. The purpose of this post is to provide the posters and the public transparency into how we're rewarding the posts, all in one easy-to-see post. All rewards listed are in addition to the standard curation provided by our curation account.

Posts containing illegal content, spam, and plagiarism are unequivocally disqualified from rewards.

Thank you to all of our posters, and we hope that you enjoy our curation and rewards. 😊

Post Rewards

Three Tune Tuesday Hair Metal Edition / Re-blog Lottery by @thebighigg - 2 HSBI + A 2 Day Promotion

WOO crate opening 9th of February by @stekene - 1 HSBI

CryptoCompany Ceo Giveaway 100 CCD #203 by @kalib - 1 HSBI

[EN/PT-BR] Talk-It-Out Thursdays: a difficult day once again. by @shiftrox - 3 HSBI

HSBI DAILY GIVEAWAY #92 (Special : 2 Winners) by @vrezyy - 1 HSBI

Scrap Giveaway #197 [TerraCore] by @konkester - 1 HSBI

[SNAPSHOT] Splinterlands GIVEAWAYS #497 // not more than $0.075 // CARD OR HSBI by @vrezion - 1 HSBI

🎲TerraCore Giveaway 89🎲 by @sonaker - 1 HSBI

The #DailyFlame + HSBI GiveAway - 6 Feb 2024 by @braaiboy - 1 HSBI

Daily Splinterlands Card + 100 SCRAP Giveaway #14 by @evih - 1 HSBI

Game cinematic contest: HSBI Giveaway (En-Fr) by @servelle - 1 HSBI

Sappho the voice that captivated the ancient world. ~Women Wednesdays~ by @florakese - 2 HSBI

Update on My Tomato Plant's Growth by @legendwushu - 2 HSBI + A 1 Day Promotion

TODAY'S BEST GIVEAWAYS: Splinterlands, Terracore, HSBI... 🎲 [07/02] by @rimurutempest - 1 HSBI

The Inner Compass: Tuning in to Your Moral Voice by @meraki7578 - 3 HSBI + A 2 Day Promotion

How do you deal with anger? by @theindiantrader - 2 HSBI

Automatic draw of SORT ~150~ token by @lasort - 1 HSBI

The Missing Myths & Legends Silver Round: Dragon & Koi 1 oz 2023 by @thisismylife - 2 HSBI + A 2 Day Promotion

Happily ever after -- Blue Spice by @pandamama - 3 HSBI


Importance of supporting someon you love by @kahkashan - 2 HSBI

Golem Overlord + Terracore Giveaway #52 by @isker - 1 HSBI

First Buzzes: A Beginner's Guide to Setting Up Your Hive Account and Taking Flight by @hdmed - 2 HSBI

WOO & Hive chamionship belts by @stekene - 1 HSBI

If you create a post and engage in this community, you too will be eligible to receive such rewards - and possibly even more. Have a fantastic day!

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What is the truck drivers favorite part of the movies?
The trailers

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