Sunday Reflections / Insightful Sundays on the FreeCompliments Community!

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Happy Sunday to everyone! This is a weekly post announcing our Sunday Reflections / Insightful Sundays themed day on the FreeCompliments Community.

What are Themed Days?

Themed days are topical suggestions for posts. As the FreeCompliments Community account grows to have a more valuable vote, themed posts may get a slightly higher vote percentage in order to encourage posting, yet would still be based on quality.

While the topics are themed on certain days, this does not mean that these themes are not permitted on other days. It’s just an incentive to encourage posting! All topics are allowed on all days.

Don’t forget that you have the option to place @hive-140084 (the community account) as a 5% or 10% beneficiary in order to encourage community and member growth. We also give out Ecency Boosts for quality posts to help support our members' growth!

What are Sunday Reflections / Insightful Sundays?

This themed day will be all about reflecting upon the past week. How can this be done? In many ways: you can talk about fun or unique things that you did over the past week, things that you’ve given particular thought over the past week, talk about things you’ve read or studied this week, things you’ve discovered and investigated further, things that you’ve done to help others over the past week, etc. It offers the writer a chance to think about the positive things that make life special, and also write about how they’ve helped someone. The possibilities are nearly endless: it’s a great opportunity to generate discussion, share and gain knowledge, share what made the week special, and likely a lot of other things that haven’t even come to mind yet!

So that people are aware of the theme, just make sure to title the post with “Sunday Reflections” and/or “Insightful Sundays” in the title. When other people view the post, this can help them see exactly what this community is all about!

Remember: no illegal content, plagiarism, or blatant spam!

Disclaimer: for helping build the themes for this day, @luchyl, @beeber, @wongi, @mviews, and @dailyspam will be permanent beneficiaries of these weekly posts.

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