A Dreem Teem.

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Alone, we can work a little; together, we can work so much, according to Helen Keller.


One of the quotes of life we all can relate to is that you can't do it all by yourself; at some point in life, you will need someone to lean on. And when the work becomes too heavy, you will need a friend to help or encourage you. Even the Bible talks about teamwork.
Ecclesiastes 4:9 Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.

I have always envisioned myself as someone who could move mountains with the little strength I have; that was my mindset back then, but I've still discovered that working together, working fast, and working smart with friends, partners, or even families is the best way to go about life.

I came into the hive and saw how things are easily done when people come together to work as a team; they share in each other's success, strengths, weaknesses, and difficulties, yet they stand by you no matter what.

Take Hive Blockchain and Web3 for a good example. They bring people together, merge creativity, ideas are shared, you see collective ideas, you see engagement and participation, and you see dedicated minds ready to work without thoughts of what I will gain after this. These are people who have been together for years and have gone through the hard times, tough times, and different times. They all celebrate when projects are successful. Now that's a Dreem Teem.

Another example of such a Dreem Teem is Dreemport itself, because without the strong mindset of our staff, they all work together; they are all being creative every time to give us something new, something fun, sometimes worth every moment of our time. Without the teamwork among themselves, there won't be a Dreemport. So Dreemport is a good example of a Dreem Teem.

My journey on hive and on Dreemport has been more than I could ever imagine it to be. I was introduced to Dreemport by @samsmith1971, and let me just say she's the sweetest person I have ever met, and she's the first person on my Dreem Teem. The reason I picked her was because of her dedication; she sees your stock and immediately wants to help you; she looks for ways to improve a person; and she leaves room for you to come ask for help. She's patient, she's a good listener, and she's the most creative person I have seen on Dreemport. Let's just keep in mind that she's a staff member on Dreemport because, naturally, she's just talented, her opinions are almost always valid, and she carries a fantastic aura as a mom.

Why she's first on my Dreem Teem is because she has experienced more in life, on the hive, and even on Dreemport; she's elderly; she's very patient and encouraging; she has that willingness to mentor others; and her advice would be really helpful in my Dreem Teem.

The second person, @luchyl , is another good mentor; she sees a problem and she's ready to help; she's smart and fast; she should be given the title of first lady. Because she's really smart and effective in all her dealings. She's always reliable; I often call her mama because I do see her as the first lady😂;, she's super nice,and you have no challenge going to her with your problems, so she's reliable in keeping information; she's also a problem solver; she's critical in thinking and with her.I doubt I will have any regrets

To the third person on my Dreem Teem, @kenechukwu97 , an accurate timekeeper and expert in giving accurate and reliable information, this guy's soul is golden. He's very friendly and really approachable. The first time I ever talked to him, I just knew he was a first-class student. 😂, he's super intelligent, and we all know how intelligent minds are needed in a team. He has the consistency to keep the growth and group together; he's just that kind of person who won't let you down, even in your weakness. So I will pick him up anytime of the day because he's worth it

I know the challenge allows just three persons, but I will love to add these two persons, which are @ibbtammy and @wongi . I found these two girls, and I fall in love with their mindset. You don't see any trace of laziness when it comes to these two; they are always ready to give their opinions on matters, and the creative and fun department fits them very well. When it comes to a task, they deliver it in the most mind-blowing way. They don't take the easy road; when you look at them, you just know they know where they are headed, and they don't take the easy road; rather, they work hard.

So in conclusion, I really would love this set of people in my Dreem Teem. It's wonderful how you meet people, and you feel like they are already family because they share like-mindedness with you. I know this team would achieve a lot because they're dedicated when it comes to success, their confidence is out of space, and they work hard and work smart. I also think when ideas are shared to build up a project, we will go really far because everyone here just knows how to encourage you to go further, and one thing is that you can rely on them to show up for you anytime you ask for their presence.

In years to come, I want to look back and be like, I'm glad I got them in my Dreem Teem because they were there to uplift me, encourage me and also help me in my journey of self acceptance.

Thanks for stopping by.


Jazz like I fondly call you, reading all the beautiful things you said about me melted my heart. Was I doing them to be celebrated this way, not at all but I see I can't do anything about it now. I remember the day we all joined the team headed by @samsmith1971 on discord and how' you made the whole place lively with your sweet aura. I cherish the new friendship that we have began to build.

I hold this to my heart and I say muchas gracias.


she's smart and fast

Luchyl is so damn fast!!! I wonder where you get the speed and energy from😂😩

Awwwnn, Didn't know that I was. Thank you.

You see that one, I no fit compete with her oh she's flash mom.🤣

@jazclassic! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @luchyl. (1/5)

Dear @jazclassic, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @luchyl.

Making me blush ooh...hope this our friendship takes us to places far and wide, I'm really happy to have encountered you on hive. Thanks for reading my post.

You pulled up with an amazing squad oooo. The list is awesome and Sam is really amazing. I've known her for a very long time and I like how passionate she is about the things she does. It's awesome.

As for Luchyl, the threadsaddict. Haha. She's a mouthful and she's a lively lady. I dunno where her energy comes from. The lady is always buzzing. Haha.

Me? First-class student? Lol. That's wahala ooo.

It's good to be in your team. Let's make those Dreams a Dreem.

No boss after you it's only before you and ahead of you, is it you. Sorry for late replies, just know that you cutie boy...had your position no body is competing with that.

Hey Jaz it would be so nice to be on your teem, I see how resilient you are and I respect that about you.

Let’s go make those dreem a reality my darling🤗🤗

See that one, it's us against Zealy, Hive and Web3, hope we build more memories here and there. Happy you're in ma team too

Ohhhh yes girl power!!🥰🥰

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Thanks buzz for stopping by

You have chosen well. Your team are determined people. I live @samsmith1971 for her hardwork and resilience. You will enjoy working with her and I wish you a happy ride to making your dreem come true


Yes she's really a hardworking lady. And really appreciate you stopping by. Sorry for late response.

You have got really strong hands in your team, you will certainly crush those dreems


Hehe... thanks a lot. We grow with intelligent minds. Thanks for stopping by.

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Thanks buzz once again.

You're welcome @jazclassic! Have a nice day 😊👍


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