Silver eagle token from Westward Ho Casino/ Re-blog lottery

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Happy Monday everyone! Always my least favorite day of the week... So what's better than to think about a getaway to Las Vegas on a Monday? Today I'm pulling up a unique item from a hotel/casino that no longer exists. These are my favorite Silver Striker chips to collect because they're now part of history.

The Westward Ho Hotel and Casino opened it's doors in 1963 and was an old west themed casino. One interesting fact is that it was a family owned casino, one of the few in Las Vegas. They advertised as "The World's Largest Motel" since it was essentially a two story structure spread over 15 acres on the Las Vegas Strip. For decades if was a huge financial success drawing in gamblers on a tighter budget and offering table games with low limits and of course many, many slot machines including Silver Strikers! Here is one cool token from one of those machines:

About the round:
Casinos: Westward Ho Hotel and Casino
Mint: Lancaster Mint
Value: $20 gaming value
Date produced: 1995
Composition: 99.9% silver surrounded by brass ring with 24 Karat Heavy Gold Electroplate
Logo side: Westward Ho Casino
Design side: Eagle Crest
Silver weight: about 0.6 troy ounces

I didn't remember I had this particular token until yesterday, I had forgotten all about it. I love the gold plated silver, although I'm still unclear on what "heavy gold electroplate" really means and how it's different than standard electroplating. But I love the eagle on it, that's why I bought it in the first place on eBay many long moons ago! These are fun to collect, and I've been hooked for years now...
The Westward Ho Hotel and Casino in it's glory days!

The Westward Ho Casino was featured in "Leaving Las Vegas" that starred Johnny Depp in 1996. It's a pretty good movie if you haven't seen it. But all good things must come to an end, in 1997 Dean Petersen, who ran the casino along with his siblings Faye and Murray, passed away. The business was place up for sale the very next month. It was purchased by a company meaning to renovate it but it never happened. Eventually it became unprofitable without the Petersen's running it and it was closed for good on Nov. 17, 2005.

Since then many companies have tried to buy and renovate the property but nothing ever materialized. Until this day the property sits unused and has yet to be demolished. Currently a McDonald's restaurant is located on part of the land facing the Strip, and that's the only business operating on the property. But if you happen to have about $100 million US you could purchase the place and build your own new hotel/casino for probably another $500 million US. If you choose to do so I wish you good luck!

The gaming business is a tough industry to compete in, I'm sure glad it wasn't my chosen vocation! Las Vegas history is full of now defunct casinos. The Silver Striker tokens live on as reminders of these former landmarks in sin city.

Thank you for stopping by to read my post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments please feel free to leave the below. Thank you everyone for all your support, I greatly appreciate it!

And my disclaimer:
Gold and silver stacking can be a fun hobby but isn't for everyone. You can lose money. I'm not a financial advisor and this isn't financial advice, please always do your own research before spending your hard earned money.


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"Westward-Ho silver bullion casino chips are selling like hotcakes on eBay Kemosabe!"
"Right Tonto, but mail bids are too slow. To the nearest telegraph office! Hi ho Silver, away!"

I have a Silver Bullet that my Brother gave to me... The Lone Ranger used Silver Bullets...

For fun my son picked out a silver 10 Toz. 50 cal shell like the ones that go into a Barrett sniper rifle. The Lone Ranger would find a Barrett handy.

That's a huge Bullet... I think mine might be 2 ounces...

Sweet! Fifty cals are huge rounds, that must be a beauty! I haven't fired one of those since I was in the military, lots of fun! The Lone Ranger would have found a Barrett very handy, it's a nice rifle!

Found it @pocketechange
Maple leaf tube for size comparison.

Now that is very cool! I'm going to have add that to my list!

That's hilarious!

Electro playing is coating it with gold with electric current.

Yeah it is, but the token states "heavy gold electroplate" or "HGE", I'm not sure how that's different than standard gold electroplating. If it is any different, maybe it's a sales gimmick?

this one looks really bad ass !BBH

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That gold plating and the eagle are pretty badass aren't they?

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Another lovely coin from the Casino my friend.
as you mention, I think it is also a very competitive market, too bad it is closed down.

@ekavieka sent you LUV 🙂 (5/5)

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Thanks! They made some nice silver while they lasted. But the casino business is very competitive and eventually the old ones fail and new ones take their place.

It's crazy just how many places have come and gone over the years on the strip.

Every time I go there's something bigger and better. I'm going to try to make it to the #silvergoldstackers meetup in this coming March, it's been a few years since I've gone to Vegas.

That would be cool. It's not going to be in the books for me though. I think we have talked about this before, but I just want to see the sphere.

I hear you! The sphere looks pretty cool!

I'm sure I have a few of those Casino Dollars... I liked winning them in the Las Vegas Slot Machines...

They are very cool! Not many had the gold plated ones apparently. I've learned more about them over the last few years when I started collecting them more seriously!

I saw that token with silversaver, it is amazing to think that some casinos have silver tokens! Now i am interested to visit these casinos lol

Just remember that Silver Striker slot machines are still one armed bandits! It's usually cheaper to buy them at pawn shops or eBay!

Perhaps HGE is 24 karat, as opposed to 18 karat or 14 karat. My wife and I love the Ho! Stayed there a lot when we were younger. I can still taste the foot-long hot dog...

I stayed there a couple times too, back when I was younger and poorer. It was a great place compared to the mega resorts that are there everywhere now.

That's a thought, even web searching I haven't found an answer on the plating. But all the casino collector chips in the twenty dollar category have it.

Miss these gaming tokens. Now it is all TITO tickets and ceramic/plastic composite gaming tokens. Nice pic, dude.

Paper tickets suck, slots just don't pay out coins like they used too. Silver Strikers slots still do the commemorative ones in the some casinos though. The ceramic tokens used today just aren't as nice as the old ones, the casinos try to operate as cheaply as possible and that includes the chips now too.


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Thanks for the !LUV

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I will need to check out “leaving Las Vegas”, Johnny Depp is very gifted actor!
One of my recent favorites, on top of Pirates of the Caribbean is the Lone Ranger, excellent movie to check out !😀

He played a guy who was pretty messed up on drugs, but it's a good movie!

Definitely sounds like one to check out!😀


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Bella moneda con el escudo..

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A great story, @thebighigg !
A nice round.

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Thank you, I appreciate it!