Silver European robins art round/ Re-blog lottery!

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I've never really been much of a bird watcher. I've never gone on a bird watching expedition. I have seen some really cool birds over the years, no so much because I was looking for them but more so because they just happened to appear nearby. But for some reason over the years I've picked up many silver coins or rounds with birds on them. It wasn't really my intention but it just happened, and all of them have a lot of great artistry so I'm glad I bought them! I never realized how many I had before I started sharing them here on Hive.

The silver round I'm sharing today I didn't really buy it because of the birds. Truth be known it has a really nice blue toning around the edge which I found to be beautiful and it has two ounces of silver and the price was right so it came home with me. Have a look:

About the round:
Round: European Robin
Mint: The Franklin Mint, Pennsylvania, US
Year: 1971
Series: Roberts Birds
Composition: 92.5% silver
Total Weight: 2.125 Troy ounces
Silver weight: 2 Troy ounces
Diameter: 51 mm
Obverse: European Robins on branches
Reverse: Lettered: European Robin No. 18, mint mark, 1971

In this series they made 50 different bird designs taken from Roberts Birds. What is interesting about that is Roberts Birds focuses on African birds, turns out these robins also live in northern Africa. I imagine having all fifty rounds would be a fantastic collection it would be an expensive endeavor since you are buying 100 troy ounces of silver and then the premium for the artwork. I don't think I'll be doing that any time soon as I have other things on the wish list that will take a much higher priority!

Since I am sharing a piece of silver art with the European robin I decided I should learn at least a little about the creature. I'll start of with some pictures, they are cute and colorful birds.

These birds are about 5 inches (13 cm) long, so a smallish bird. The live in most all of Europe into Russia, down to the middle east and even northern Africa. They mainly eat insects and on occasion berries and aren't overly afraid of humans. Often they will come to areas people are digging up to look for worms. They lay two to three clutches of eggs a year so they reproduce very quickly.

Something I found fascinating is that the robins as well as some other birds use quantum entanglement in order to navigate where they are going. If you watched the Marvel's Antman movies you probably heard about more quantum than ever wanted to know. In the robins case as a photon (light particle) enters the eye of the birds it reacts with a protein known as cryptochrome. And no it has nothing to do with cryptocurrency. I found this summary from PBS Nova which you can find the link in my references:

"The energy from that photon is specifically disturbing the electrons within cryptochrome molecules. If an electron is knocked out of place—perhaps exiting one molecule and joining another—this creates what’s called a radical pair, or a duo of molecules that each has an odd number of electrons. But this radical pair is also somewhat unusual: Because both radicals were generated at the same time, the fates of the two molecules involved are actually linked, locking them into a strange, delicate state known as quantum entanglement."

I come from a science background and I had to stop and read it carefully to try to make sense of it. I still don't have a full grasp of the concept so I used their explanation which is much better than anything I could have produced. Now I must mention that this is just a theory and they are very far from understanding exactly how their navigation system works. But it is a very interesting concept, and if it gave you a headache I apologize!

I think that is it for my post today. I hope you found it interesting and enjoyed it. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions feel free to ask (unless the question is about quantum entanglement, I can't help you there...) Thanks for your support, it's greatly appreciated. Have a great day!

And my disclaimer:
Gold and silver stacking can be a fun hobby but isn't for everyone. You can lose money. I'm not a financial advisor and this isn't financial advice, please always do your own research before spending your hard earned money.


Re-blog lottery

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Good luck to everyone!

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Very nice round and a rather interesting tone

That toning is what sold me on it, I've seen purple but not something that blue before.

I have a few of these little birds in my garden every day.

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They look like cute little birds!

What is a birds favorite thing to watch in tv?
A duckumentary.

Credit: reddit
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Very clean reverse on the coin…… Nice!😀
With 2 ounces of silver, a good price and very unique, bluish toning, I would have picked it up as well. Good score my friend!!🤗

Thanks! That interesting toning sold it for me, it's a rare shade to see on silver!

That it is my friend!
I believe I have a few Morgan silver dollars that have a bluish toning, other than that it’s more of a rainbow brownish toning that is the norm….😀

Tweet tweet

Very cool! I didn't even think about looking for a video! How are you holding up?

Frustrated trying to use my desktop mouse. My arm is too stiff and painful to operate my mouse so I have to use both hands on the mouse. Any Typing is practically done by my right hand.

My dog killed a robin one of these days lol! Well i was interested in this collection

You have a hunting dog! They are cool rounds over fifty years old.

half shepard and half colie lol , this year was one robin and one magpie lol


Thanks! I really appreciate it!

That is a very interesting bird with lovely color as well.

@ekavieka sent you LUV 🙂 (2/5)

Made with LUV by crrdlx

Thanks! How are thing in your part of the world?

Oops wrong account! Lol!

It happens!

That is some pretty cool blue toning going on there! Nice pickup!

Thanks! It's the toning that sold me, you don't see blue toning very often!

No, you don't, and even less often by itself. Normally, it has some orange and browns in with it.

Wow they look like the finches of the Galapagos Islands ^^

I've always wanted to go to the Galapagos, I've been to Ecuador many times but never had time to head out to the Galapagos. Thanks!

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I bought a quantum physics for dummies book a while ago and it was still way over my head!

I actually enjoy particle physics as a hobby, but entanglement still is just such a bizarre concept that it's hard to wrap your your head around it! Maybe I should try out that book, I might learn something!

Nice birdies! sadly they do not visit my location, so I never watched them live even once.... some extra !DHEDGE and Hive !PIZZA for you. ☘️

You must be too far north for them. Thanks for the tokens. How are things going for you?

Yay! 🤗
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