Silver lobster coin from Anguilla / Re-blog lottery!

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Years ago back in the 1990's I was living in the Caribbean for several years. The really nice thing about living right on the ocean is you can head out and fish pretty much anytime you have some free time. Sometimes you caught a few nice fish other times none, but it was just a beautiful day by the ocean. It's hard to beat a day like that!

Another thing I enjoyed was heading out with a buddy to go lobster hunting. We would snorkel out to a reef about fifty meters off shore and dive down to it, usually only five or ten feet down (1 to 3 meters.) We would find a couple nice lobsters and one of us would hold a net behind them and the other would prod them back into the net with a small metal rod. Then it was lobster for dinner! And it's was a lot of fun too!

The reason I share that story it is because this coin made me think of those good old days. This coins was made by the Scottsdale Mint for Anguilla, a group of island located east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. It's a beautiful place if you ever have the chance to visit!

About the coin:
Country: Anguilla
Year: 2018
Mint: Scottsdale Mint, Scottsdale, Arizona, US
Denomination: 2 dollars
Composition: 99.9% silver
Weight: 1 Troy ounce
Diameter: 38.6 mm
Thickness: 3.2 mm
Edge: Reeded
Obverse: Elizabeth II with lettering: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, Two Dollars, 1 OZ .999 Silver
Reverse: Lobster with date on it's back

This is a beautiful coin produced for Anguilla like I mentioned. The Scottsdale Mint always does amazing work on all the coins they produce. This is a great one to pick up and I know several of the #silvergoldstackers have already shared one of theirs.

I only have one small issue with this coin. The lobster on the coin is a cold water Maine lobster, not a rock or spiny lobster that you would find in the warm waters of the Caribbean. I guess the reasoning behind it was that more people recognize the Maine Lobster. Have a look, I'll show you the difference between the two.
A Maine lobster with large claws to protect itself
A rock or spiny lobster, you will notice it doesn't have large claws

The rock or spiny lobster lives in warm waters such as the Caribbean and down the coast of Brazil. Instead of large claws to defend itself it has spines to defend itself. They don't taste quite like the cold water lobsters but still taste great! Plus they are easier to catch since they are in warm and shallow waters. So now you know the difference!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my post. It's always a lot of fun putting them together. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to leave them below. Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for your support!

And my disclaimer:
Gold and silver stacking can be a fun hobby but isn't for everyone. You can lose money. I'm not a financial advisor and this isn't financial advice, please always do your own research before spending your hard earned money.


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I have that one. Scottsdale Mint

It's a nice coin!

It's crab over on the other side of the continent and just as expensive a dish.🦀

All the crab and lobster has become so ridiculously expensive! I love seafood but it's all getting so pricey...

Wow that is a pretty unique design 😍 !BBH


Keep posting these beautiful coins !BBH

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Thanks! Scottsdale Mint makes such cool coins!

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That's quite pretty! I would be scared bumping into one in real life though :)


They do kind of look like bugs, but they taste good!

I don't know never ate one.. the closest thing to that I ate were shrimps and I only started to try that maybe 2 Christmases ago, lol.

How's everything over there? Here the weather is lovely!


Here the weather is great too, overcast buy should be warm!

I love shrimp, it's something I learned to like as an adult because I grew up in a landlocked state so sea food was expensive. Same thing with lobster, I never really started to eat it until I was living in Caribbean because it was fresh out of the water! Lobster is very distinct from shrimp and crab, but it's good!

I don't think the PIMP bot is working at the moment, maybe it will catch up!

How's everything at your place?

It doesn't seem to work indeed. I will check it tonight if it caught up or not otherwise try again.

I've always lived landlocked myself in Holland and all I can remember is sea food being expensive. Then we moved to Spain for a bit and enjoyed tons of smoked salmon as one of our special treats every week going to Aldi (lol) it was only 2 or 2,50 euros a pack. We were looking forward to this when living in Budapest (and moving back here) only to find out that smoked salmon prices went through the roof here as well. I can only imagine what it costs in landlocked areas nowadays.

I will try lobster one day if at the right place. I have not seen any place here where I feel its justified to pay top dollar for something I may hate, lol.

We did a lot of work in the house today, finally have a storage cabinet in the laundry room and the small bedroom/my office is now almost cleared from boxes. We moved the desk as well so we have some more walking space (we hurt our feet several times already on the bed, lol).

Will head to a friend to catch up after too many months in a bit. Kitten cuddly time as she has foster kitties :)

Have a good one!

I have never seen the Maine Lobster, since most lobster here is the rock one.
I read that it was not considered as a fancy delicacy back then when they were abundant, but now it is quite expensive. !LOLZ
nice coin you have there my friend.

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Have you heard the one about the jump rope?
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Back in the 1800's in Massachusetts, US, they used to serve Maine lobster in jails and prisons almost every day because it was so cheap! Not anymore!

Cats can learn up to 50 different words and commands
They just don't want to.

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That’s very interesting about the Maine lobster compared to the rock lobster!
I have to admit, I would recognize the Maine lobster with the claws first!😇🤣
Someone like you that actually has been to the Caribbean would realize thisis definitely wrongimmediately !😇

It's always seemed funny to me, but it's a nice coin! Rock lobsters are easy to catch and there's a lot of them out on most reefs in the tropics.

Sounds like a very laid-back lifestyle catching your own lobster for dinner so nice!🤗

The good old days....

Not all things were good in the good old days, but I sure miss the slower pace Lol!🙄🤣😇

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

That sounds shady af

It probably is! Probably not as bad as the Cayman Island banks though!

Makes me think of that B52's song!

Rock Lobster is a great song!

Scottsdale does such great work. I see what you mean about the difference in the lobsters. You'd think they'd worry more about accuracy than what is recognizable as a "lobster." Great coin!

Thanks! I guess they went with recognition for the image trying to sell to countries that have cold water lobsters.

Nice, @thebighigg !


How does a computer get drunk?
It takes screen shots.

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That was creative!! A lobster nice one

Scottsdale Mint always makes cool coins! Thanks!


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Cute, love it!


Thanks! Fun to catch them too!

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Thank you ssg-community!

Im.on green again! Oh yeah man! Best day ever! Hahahahahhahahahaha!

And I want to grow lobsters on a salt water aquaponic system. Just for shitz and giggles. And snacks. Mmmm lobster biscuits! Hahahaha!

Thanks and have an amazing day everyone!


Grow shrimp, they're cheaper! Lobsters need too much food. I always get you on green now!

I'm going to grow lobster! But actually that's a good idea to grow some shrimp too!

Why not I would like some really big shrimps. And some crayfish. I'm going to have to figure out some other plants to grow for the entire saltwater aquaponics system.

(Shush! Don't blow my bubbles man!)

I say go for it! If you want really big shrimp you'll have to grow prawns, they're fresh water though. Aren't crayfish fresh water too? I don't remember! I haven't been to New Orleans in a long time now...

Yep fresh water aquaponics is easy the salt water one is going to be a lot more of an issue. We will see how it all works out though.

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